Why more than 100 Vietnamese means of transport detained in China


According to Lao Cai Customs Department, in the first quarter of 2024, there were 365 enterprises carrying out import and export procedures at the unit, up 32 enterprises year-on-year; the total number of declarations reached 11,657, an increase of 1,855.

In particular, total import-export turnover increased sharply by 41% to US$293.9 million. Of which, exports rose 41.3% to US$186.2 million, and imports rose 40.5% to US$107.7 million.

Main export items include: all kinds of peeled wood, dragon fruit, all kinds of cassava, green bananas, shoes, durian…; Main imported items: agricultural products, plastic, plastic products, iron and steel and iron and steel products, machines and mechanical equipment, fertilizers, chemicals, coke, electricity.


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