The supporting industrial enterprises transform for sustainable development


Supporting industry enterprises are forced to meet standards on greening production. Photo: H.Diu
Supporting industry enterprises are forced to meet standards on greening production. Photo: H.Diu

Mr. Hoang Quang Phong, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Confederation of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), stated that Vietnam has been participating in 19 bilateral and multilateral FTAs, creating a basis for Vietnam to connect and participate deeper into the global value and supply chain. However, Vietnamese businesses want to participate in the global “playing field” to enjoy incentives. In addition to basic conditions such as rules of origin and quality standards, greening standards are also required for businesses must respond.

However, according to a report by the General Statistics Office, over 30% of supporting industry enterprises in the country in general are using completely manual control equipment, over 50% use semi-automatic equipment, only more than 10% of businesses use automation equipment and less than 10% of businesses use robots in production lines.

Therefore, aware of the importance of this issue, supporting industry enterprises are making efforts to transform and meet the criteria of sustainable development. In a recent sharing, Mr. Nguyen Hoang, Chairman of the Hanoi Support Industry Business Association, said that to meet requirements from multinational corporations, many supporting industry enterprises in Hanoi have received certificates on IATF 16949 quality system management (the international standard for quality management in the automotive industry), thereby qualifying to participate in the production chain of multinational corporations.

On this issue, according to Mr. Lai Hoang Duong, Director of Thanh Giong Computer Company, to achieve the goal of being able to export products to foreign markets this year, the Company has invested in technology and facilities. infrastructure as well as focusing on building the Thanh Giong computer brand “Make in Vietnam” to affirm the reputation, quality and development potential of the business in the future.

In addition, many supporting industry enterprises across the country are transforming green with many solutions such as installing equipment to use renewable energy, investing in upgrading wastewater treatment systems, and applying circular economy in production.

As at AN MI Tools Co., Ltd., the application of green and sustainable production solutions has been implemented such as increasing the green area, using a solar energy system on the entire factory roof to produce. Products use green energy, reduce recycling by improving production efficiency… According to AN MI representatives, this helps the business’s products meet the strict requirements of foreign corporations. when participating in the global supply chain.

According to experts, green transformation in production at industrial enterprises brings many benefits, not only meeting customers’ green criteria but also minimizing costs and ensuring production stability with unexpected fluctuations in the market.

For example, in the current hot season, when the shortage of electricity for production may return, the installation of rooftop solar power in factories and industrial parks is great interest. Ms. Tran To Loan, Deputy General Director of Sao Do Group, said that renewable energy and rooftop solar energy are the first and most important steps in converting to sustainability for businesses in particular as well as for industrial park in general, to meet the requirements of investors.

However, according to Ms. Loan, the installation of solar power still has many legal, policy and mechanism problems, causing the transformation to take place very slowly compared to the desired progress of the industrial park. A supporting industry enterprise in Hanoi also shared that each industrial park has different regulations on installing solar power systems. Furthermore, this person is also concerned that the installation procedures are cumbersome, so it takes a lot of time and effort for the business in applying for permission.

According to experts, compared to developed economies, Vietnam has many favorable conditions to transition to a green economy. However, to implement effectively, mechanisms and policies must be set out specifically and practically. Particularly in the field of supporting industry, the authorities have been providing many preferential policies for businesses to receive technology transfer and convert production towards sustainability, focusing on exploiting and developing renewable energy sources effectively, promoting sustainable energy use activities to replace energy sources that affect the environment.


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