Imports and exports achieve US 239 billion by the end of April


Import-export activities maintain high turnover. Photo: T.Bình.
Import-export activities maintain high turnover. Photo: T.Bình.

According to General Department of Vietnam Customs, in April, the total import-export turnover of the country reached US$61.04 billion, dropping 5.4% (corresponding to a decrease of US$3.5 billion) compared to the previous month.

Accordingly, exports reached US$31.05 billion, declining 7.7% (corresponding to a decrease of US$2.61 billion) and imports reached US$29.99 billion, reducing 2.9% (corresponding to a decrease of US$0.89 billion).

Thus, the trade balance in April 2024 witnessed a surplus of US$1.06 billion.

Among the 6 billion-dollar export commodity groups in April, there were 4 commodity groups whose turnover decreased compared to the previous month.

Accordingly, computers, electronic products and components reached US$5.13 billion, decreasing 19%; phones and components reached US$3.97 billion, dropping 15.5%; machinery, equipment, tools, and spare parts reached US$3.75 billion, reducing 5.1%; textile and garment reached US$2.6 billion, declining 2.5%.

Two key export product groups achieving positive growth are footwear reaching US$1.85 billion, a growth of 12.4%; wood and wood products reaching US$1.36 billion, an increase of 4.7%.

Thus, by the end of April, the country’s total import-export turnover reached approximately US$239 billion. Although it decreased slightly in April, the overall 4 months still increased by 15.1% (equivalent to an increase of US$31.35 billion) compared to the same period last year.

By the end of April, exports reached US$123.98 billion, climbing 15.1% (equivalent to a growth of US$16.26 billion) and imports reached US$114.96 billion, rising 15.1% (equivalent to an increase of US$15.09 billion); the trade balance in 4 months witnessed a surplus of US$9.02 billion.


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