Nghi Son port border gate customs Stimulating demand for import and export through the seaport


Officers of Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Sub-department supervise import and export goods through the port. Photo: Ngoc Linh
Officers of Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Sub-department supervise import and export goods through the port. Photo: Ngoc Linh

By the end of the first quarter, Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Sub-department collected 5,170 billion VND to the state budget, reaching 38.7% of the assigned target (13,356 billion VND). During the quarter, the Department completed procedures for 11 crude oil shipments; The VAT amount on this item reached 4,370 billion VND, accounting for 84.5% of the unit’s total revenue paid to the state budget.

Take advantage

Clearly defining the position and role in state budget collection, Director of Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Sub-department Le Hong Phong said that the unit focuses on solutions to improve the effectiveness of the supervision, the management of imported and exported goods and means of entry and exit; Carry out tax management well, ensure correct and complete collection, and no loss of tax revenue. At the same time, the unit actively seeks new revenue sources by calling for more container ships to open transportation services, or businesses importing and exporting cars through Nghi Son port, etc.

The advantages of deep-water ports and convenient traffic connections have gradually been demonstrated by the outstanding development in goods output and budget revenue from import-export taxes on goods. “Revenue from imported and exported goods has always had a double-digit growth rate for 5 consecutive years and directly contributed more than 96% of the budget revenue of Thanh Hoa Customs Department,” Mr. Le Hong Phong informed.

The number of businesses that regularly carry out customs procedures at Nghi Son port border gate Customs Sub-department is not too large, but these are key businesses in the province’s import and export activities, so the “health” of businesses has a great impact on the unit’s budget revenue situation.

“Currently, Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Plant is operating at 100% capacity. It is expected that by the end of 2024, the Department will carry out procedures for about 37 crude oil shipments. In addition to Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Plant, the Sub-department also reviews and evaluates businesses with large import-export activities in the area to have support for quick and timely customs procedures such as: Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant; Nghi Son Iron and Steel Factory, etc. Based on closely following the situation of production, import and export activities of the enterprise, the Sub-department forecasts that it will complete and try to exceed 3-5% of the assigned budget revenue target.” , Director of Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Sub-department said.

Despite having advantages in location and management area, however, in the difficult context of global production and trade activities, the unit determined that it needed to synchronously deploy solutions to continue reviewing revenue sources, classify businesses, guide businesses to comply with customs laws and call for businesses to invest and carry out procedures at Nghi Son port. Because, in addition to performing the political tasks assigned by the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs, Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Sub-department also plays an important role in contributing to the implementation of Resolution 58-NQ/TW of the Politburo on building and developing Thanh Hoa province to 2030, vision to 2045 and Resolution No. 37/2021/QH15 dated November 13, 2021 of the National Assembly on piloting a number of specific mechanisms and policies to develop Thanh Hoa province.

Increase revenue

“In recent years, Nghi Son seaport has developed rapidly. The average proportion of goods passing through the port next year increases more than the previous year. The proportion of goods through Nghi Son port in recent years has reached over 40 million tons/year. Currently, the important direction in implementing the unit’s tasks is to actively accompany the Provincial People’s Committee and departments and branches to call for container carriers to operate the Nghi Son route internationally. Since 2019, Nghi Son port has “caught the eye” of CMA CGM Group – the largest container shipping group in the world, opening a transport route through the port with a frequency of 1 trip/week. Currently, the unit is also actively working with relevant parties to implement solutions to maximize the advantages of Nghi Son port, increasing the frequency of trains; attract international shipping lines, import-export businesses to know more about Nghi Son port”, emphasized the leader of Nghi Son port border gate Customs Sub-department.

Accompanying shipping lines and businesses participating in service development at Nghi Son port, Nghi Son port border gate Customs has proposed solutions such as: regularly supporting and providing information related to import and export activities in the province for investors, shipping lines and businesses to learn about transporting goods by container internationally through Nghi Son port; Legal support on customs activities and customs clearance for import and export businesses. Along with that, the unit focuses on solutions to facilitate customs procedures, applying electronic methods to shorten time and reduce administrative procedure costs for businesses. Strengthen staff to receive and handle customs clearance procedures to reduce storage and release costs. Officers of Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Sub-department are currently working 24/7 to respond quickly and promptly to customs clearance procedures for businesses when performing services through Nghi Son port.

Besides, the Sub-department also focuses on modernizing management work. Currently, 100% of warehouse, yard and port businesses in the area have connected and exchanged electronic data through the Automated Goods Management and Monitoring System (VASSCM). With a large management area, Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Sub-department also increases supervision through the online surveillance camera system.

With the companionship with businesses as well as regular dialogue, over the years, the number of administrative violation cases has been very few. “If there are errors, the main reason is that the business applied the code incorrectly but did not result in the amount of tax to be collected, Mr. Le Hong Phong informed.


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