Quang Ninh Administrative reform improving infrastructure promoting import and export


Quang Ninh aims to become international tourism hubQuang Ninh aims to become international tourism hub
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Quang Ninh: Administrative reform, improving infrastructure, promoting import and export
Import-export activities through Bac Luan II Bridge, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh. Photo: Q.HUNG

Accompanying and supporting businesses

In recent years, Quang Ninh province has promoted administrative reform activities, improved the business investment environment, and supported businesses. The most outstanding result is that Quang Ninh has led the PCI provincial competitiveness index for 6 consecutive years. Along with that, the province focuses on investing in completing and developing infrastructure, upgrading border gates and seaports, and completing important traffic axes (Ha Long – Hai Phong, Ha Long – Van Don – Mong Cai highways), to connect with key economic regions in the province and with neighboring localities, deploy many solutions to develop seaport economy and develop industrial parks and border gate economic zones.

In addition, departments and localities in the province are always proactively following the situation, coordinating with related forces at the border gate (Customs, Border Guard, Quarantine, Border Gate Management Board, Port Authority…), accompany and support businesses in production and business activities, promptly resolve arising problems, and create maximum convenience for import and export activities. Proactively inform businesses regularly and daily about the operating situation of border gates and openings; timely advise businesses to meet the requirements of epidemic control at border gates, regulate and separate traffic from afar so that vehicles entering and exiting border gates and seaports do not experience congestion; ensure security and order, avoid instability that affects the export activities of enterprises.

At the Quang Ninh Customs Department, there have been many innovations in supporting, guiding, and accompanying businesses with many appropriate, in-depth solutions and diverse forms such as direct and online business support with 2 levels (department level, branch level). Along with that, the unit also focuses on improving the effectiveness of business dialogue and consultation by topic, online, in person and at business headquarters, by key business groups… At the same time, organize training, guidance, and error warnings for businesses, closely coordinate with departments, branches and localities to remove difficulties for people and businesses.

Localities sharing a common border also regularly exchange information about customs procedures, inspection policies, and goods control to propagate and disseminate to the business community to help increase the flow of goods, two-way import-export turnover between Vietnam and China. Localities also encourage warehouse and yard businesses to reduce costs incurred in storing goods at border gates.

The infrastructure system at the border gate area is gradually invested and upgraded, meeting management requirements and capacity to trade import-export goods. A number of key and dynamic investment projects in Mong Cai City are interested in directing and implementing such as building infrastructure of Van Ninh port industrial park, road to Van Ninh port, Mong Cai city, developing and making a project to build and develop Van Don coastal economic zone, Mong Cai border gate economic zone, Quang Yen coastal economic zone and industrial parks and industrial clusters in Quang Ninh province until 2030 and vision to 2040.

Promote import and export activities

Mong Cai City is also the leading locality of Quang Ninh province in promoting import and export on the Vietnam-China border. Along with the initiative of local authorities, departments and branches at the border gate have closely coordinated with businesses operating warehouses and vehicle regulation yards, creating clear conditions for businesses to quickly import and export goods, contributing to import-export growth in the area.

Vice Chairman of Mong Cai City People’s Committee Do Van Tuan said that to improve customs clearance capacity in the area, Mong Cai City promotes propaganda information and disseminates new policies to the business community. At the same time, proactively hold talks with Dong Hung City, China to promptly discuss and find solutions to remove bottlenecks in import-export activities. At this point, Mong Cai City continues to propose customs clearance of goods at Bac Luan II border gate even on Saturdays and Sundays instead of the current pre-arranged customs clearance regime. At the same time, continuing to discuss with Dong Hung City, China will soon restore customs clearance through Ka Long sub-border gate and extend customs clearance time through the Km 3+4 pontoon bridge opening.

To maximize the potential and strengths, create favorable conditions to attract businesses to invest and do business, and promote import and export through the area in the future, Quang Ninh Customs requests border local authorities to discuss and sign agreements. Specifically agree with the Chinese authorities to continue paying attention to improving customs clearance efficiency at border gates and customs clearance points in the area. Priority is given to quick customs clearance and pre-clearance for groups of goods exported from Vietnam to China (agricultural, forestry, aquatic products…). Proposing Chinese authorities to add Vietnamese seafood products to the list of goods imported into the Chinese market (such as jellyfish, oysters, flower clams, two-legged clams, worms…), approved the list of Vietnamese seafood processing and processing enterprises exporting to the Chinese market.


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