Ha Nam Customs aims at businesses satisfaction


Ha Nam Customs officer inspects goods at the enterprise headquarters. Photo: H.Nụ
Ha Nam Customs officer inspects goods at the enterprise headquarters. Photo: H.Nụ

In the context of forecasting the world situation in 2024, it will continue to be complex and unpredictable developments, negatively impacting socio-economic development. The global supply chain continues to face the risk of disruption, leading to many consequences for import-export activities and economic growth. Major economies that are Vietnam’s export partners such as the United States and the EU reduced their purchasing targets, causing a decrease in volume of orders…

The above context has resulted in the reduction of domestic import-export turnover, affecting revenue collection of the Customs sector in general and Ha Nam Customs Branch in particular.

Therefore, according to Mr. Le Viet Thang, Director of Ha Nam Customs Branch, during its professional operations, the unit has synchronously implemented solutions to reform administrative procedures and modernize customs work to reduce clearance time for goods; facilitate businesses, improve the business environment, and enhance national competitiveness.

At the same time, the unit strengthens communication and dissemination of policies and laws related to import-export activities for businesses. For example: organizing communication, dissemination, and training for the business community on new policies; holding annual dialogue with businesses to promptly resolve difficulties and problems that arise within their authority related to customs procedures, tax policies, and tax management.

At the same time, Ha Nam Customs Branch has directed its affiliated departments to strengthen information capture from businesses and deploy solutions to remove difficulties for import-export activities, especially quickly resolving procedure of importing input materials for factories, importing production lines, equipment and machinery from abroad into Vietnam to support production and business enterprises.

Talking to Customs Magazine, a representative of THT Logistics Co., Ltd. said that the company always receives a lot of support from Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department in general and Ha Nam Customs Branch in particular. During the process of implementing declaration, transportation, logistics services… in Ha Nam province, Ha Nam Customs Branch always accompanies, supports and disseminates new legal policies in the field of customs law area for the company to understand and implement effectively.

The facilitation and companionship of Ha Nam Customs in particular and Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department in general for the company’s business activities demonstrated that the Customs-Enterprise partnership had brought many positive results, the representative of THT Logistics Co., Ltd. emphasized.

Also according to Mr. Le Viet Thang, with the specific characteristics of the Customs Branch outside the border gate, thanks to the synchronous implementation of solutions, the Branch increasingly attracts more businesses to open declarations and carry out procedures at the unit, contributing to increase local revenue.

From the beginning of the year until now, Ha Nam Customs Branch has received 951 times of businesses coming to carry out customs procedures with mainly imported goods: raw materials for animal feed production, raw materials for milk processing, garment accessories, cotton, electronic equipment manufacturing components…; receiving and handling procedures for 111,645 declarations with a total turnover of over US$7.7 billion; State revenue collection reached over VND433 billion, reaching 25.72% of the current appropriation.


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