The Ministry of Finance urges the implementation of anti smuggling tasks


Officials of the Customs Enforcement Team (Hai Phong Customs Department) participated in the seizure of the smuggled ivory disguised in a container of cow horn in 2023. Photo: T.Bình
Officials of the Customs Enforcement Team (Hai Phong Customs Department) participated in the seizure of the smuggled ivory disguised in a container of cow horn in 2023. Photo: T.Bình

Promote the responsibility of leaders

Accordingly, Steering Committee 389 of the Ministry of Finance directs units to focus on performing well the main contents such as continuing to thoroughly organize and effectively implement the directions of the Government and the Prime Minister, Steering Committee 138/CP, National Steering Committee 389 on crime prevention, anti-smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods; continue to identify this as a key political task and long-term work, which must be carried out regularly and continuously.

Promoting and attaching responsibility to leaders at all levels in performing assigned functions, tasks, and powers. In particular, the Heads of units are assigned to thoroughly grasp and direct civil servants, public employees, and workers to properly and fully implement legal regulations and professional processes; at the same time, deploy measures to prevent and combat corruption and negativity in units in charge anti-smuggling and trade fraud… and strictly handle groups and individuals who violate the law.

Timely handling of violations

Notably, Steering Committee 389 of the Ministry of Finance assigned the General Department of Vietnam Customs, General Department of Taxation, and the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Finance to implement many specific tasks regarding professional work.

That is, performing well the tasks of the Standing Committee of National Steering Committee 389; professional work, ensuring detection, prevention, and timely handling of acts of smuggling, trade fraud, production and trading of counterfeit goods, poor quality goods, and goods of unknown origin.

Notably, focusing on prohibited items (drugs, weapons, firecrackers, explosives, reactionary documents…), wildlife, cigarettes, new generation cigarettes, gold, foreign currency and essential goods to serve production, business and consumption needs (fertilizers, petroleum, minerals, sugar, alcohol, beer, pharmaceuticals, food, fake medicines of unknown origin…).

Strengthening information sharing and coordination between competent forces to monitor goods transferred from border gate to port closely, temporarily imported and re-exported, and in transit, focusing on consumer goods and goods with high value, high tax rate, goods at risk of smuggling, recirculation into the domestic market…

The units strengthen their forces, and facilities, and improve their organizational apparatus for forces that directly fight crime, smuggling, trade fraud, and counterfeit goods in the customs and tax industry. Promoting the prevention and fight against corruption and negativity, fighting and reversing the deterioration of political ideology, ethics, and lifestyle.

Focusing on building a team of officials and civil servants to ensure work requirements in the new situation; having a mechanism to screen, replace, and rotate incompetent people, do not complete their tasks, or violate the law.

Moreover, strengthening inspection, supervision and control of public service activities of Customs and Tax officials to prevent negativity, corruption, “protection” and abetting smuggling and tax evasion. Focusing on performing professional activities, collecting information, and coordinating closely with relevant forces to detect, prevent, and promptly handle individuals, organizations, and businesses that take advantage of management policies, risks of smuggling, tax evasion, transportation of prohibited goods, and money laundering.

Expanding and improving effectiveness in international coordination and cooperation to proactively prevent crime, smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods early, remotely and effectively fight transnational crimes, drug-related crimes, smuggling and trade fraud criminals…

The Department of Legal Affairs (Ministry of Finance) chairs and coordinates with units under the Ministry of Finance to continue reviewing and perfecting legal regulations related to the prevention and combat of crime, smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods, especially legal documents related to the field of management of exported and imported goods, e-commerce business, origin of goods, gold, foreign currency, money laundering… Innovating the form and content to improve the effectiveness of policy and law dissemination, and mobilize people not to participate in or assist in acts of smuggling, trade fraud and trading in counterfeit goods.


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