Off – Airport Cargo Terminal facilitates import and export enterprises


scene of the conference. Photo: T.D
scene of the conference. Photo: T.D

Those are the advantages that this type of Off – Airport Cargo Terminal service brings which were shared by representatives of Binh Duong Customs Department and Tan Cang Express Joint Stock Company at the Conference “Introducing the operations of Off–Airport Cargo Terminal”, taking place on March 26.

According to Binh Duong Customs Department, in the current context, exported and imported goods via postal services, express delivery, and off–airport cargo terminals were an opportunity to create a breakthrough in e-commerce development, diversify types of export and import of goods, contributing to the formation of a large logistics center in Binh Duong province.

This was also an opportunity for postal and express delivery service businesses to develop and form stable supply chains, contributing to the economic development of the province.

Deputy Director of Binh Duong Customs Department Nguyen Thanh Binh said that along with awakening the potential of rail transportation for import and export goods, Binh Duong Customs Department had proactively researched and found solutions to implement customs procedures for exported and imported goods through postal services, express delivery and off–airport cargo terminal. These were new transportation methods, creating favorable conditions to help businesses reduce costs and clearance time.

Sharing about the type of non-extended warehouse as well as the advantages of this new transportation method, Deputy Director of Tan Cang Warehouse Joint Stock Company Bui Van Bang said, the off–airport cargo terminal was an area for storing goods shipping by air, outside the border gate and was inspected and supervised by Customs authorities. This model was similar to the cargo terminal at the airport, including security screening, weighing and measuring goods and customs procedures.

Off–airport cargo terminal helped reduce the time of carrying out customs procedures and speed up international cargo transportation, while also reducing congestion at the airport. Many countries have applied this model such as Japan and China. Applying off–airport cargo terminal helps reduce the load at the airport and meet the needs of import-export businesses.

Enterprises expressed opinions about the import and export of goods through off–airport cargo terminal. Photo: T.D
Enterprises expressed opinions about the import and export of goods through off–airport cargo terminal. Photo: T.D

At the same time, when participating in the use of off–airport cargo terminal services, businesses would save time and costs when transporting goods to the airport; gathering and packing goods; shortening the time for weighing goods, security screening and customs procedures; promoting socialization of aviation services.

Within the framework of the conference, representatives of Binh Duong Customs Department and Tan Cang Express Joint Stock Company guided businesses on customs procedures and procedures for imported and exported goods through off–airport cargo terminal. At the same time, answering businesses’ questions about transporting goods of this type.

In the early stages of implementation, businesses as well as the Customs Branch cannot avoid encountering difficulties and problems.

To implement effectively and follow regulations as well as facilitate businesses when carrying out procedures for exporting and importing goods through postal services, express delivery and off-airport cargo terminal, Binh Duong Customs Department has organized civil servants in advisory units and Song Than Customs Branch to learn experience at local Customs Departments with experience in managing goods with this type such as Hanoi Customs Department and HCM City Customs Department.

After synthesizing the learned experiences, the unit has issued documents guiding procedures on inspection and supervision of exported and imported goods transported via postal and express delivery services and goods exported and imported into off–airport cargo terminal for the Customs Branch and enterprises to carry out. During the implementation process, the Department promptly responded to problems and difficulties regarding to customs procedures. Currently, customs procedures for this type have become stable.

A representative of Tan Cang Express Joint Stock Company said that businesses using the service of importing and exporting goods through off–airport cargo terminal are committed to compliance with regulations, ensuring quality and saving maximal costs for businesses.


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