Investment opportunities in 2023


Investment opportunities in 2023?
Despite the recent volatility in the market, gold remains a stable investment. Photo: Nguyen Hien

Major central governments continue to tighten monetary policy to deal with inflation. These factors make investment channels in the financial market unstable and unpredictable, posing risks to investors.

In difficulties, there are still “glimmers” of opportunity

Although there are many challenges to the economy and investment environment in Vietnam, according to economic experts, in the midst of difficulties, there are still “glimmers” of opportunities for investors to increase profits through investment channels if they know how to restructure the investment portfolio appropriately.

At the seminar “Identifying 2023: New investment opportunities in a new environment”, economist Nguyen Tri Hieu said that in five markets (stocks, real estate, bank interest rates, foreign exchange and gold), the stock market cannot return to the 1,500-point mark like in 2022. However, the situation may improve more positively by the end of 2023. Meanwhile, the real estate market has not had many positive signals, investors choose to wait and observe the market instead of participating.

The foreign exchange market is “unknown” when the US Federal Reserve (FED) continues to move to increase interest rates. The bank deposit market shows signs of increasing when banks are racing to increase deposit interest rates, which will have a significant impact on people, businesses and the economy when bank interest rates are forecast to increase.

“As for the gold market, when inflation is not under control, it will push the gold price up, so this is the market that will have development in 2023. However, Vietnam’s gold price is higher in the world, so investors need to be careful when participating in this market,” said expert Nguyen Tri Hieu.

From the above analysis, economic experts believe that investors have the opportunity to increase profits if they choose the right investment channel.

Especially, with the stock market, with the milestone of 1,000 points, the Vietnamese stock market is receiving great attention from foreign investors, so the possibility of an increase in the second half of 2023 is possible.

What is a safe investment channel?

In addition to traditional investment channels, the application of 4.0 technologies in the financial sector opens up new investment methods for investors with a flexible method, without cumbersome and fast procedures. The question is how will the picture of transaction channels (commodity trading, underlying securities trading, derivatives trading, digital asset trading) take place, and where are the investment opportunities?

Regarding investment channels, according to Mr. Tong Quoc Dat, Senior Market Analyst at Exness, despite recent fluctuations in the market, gold is a stable investment. Some experts believe that Q1/2023 is a good time to trade or invest in gold. Gold will continue to be a safe-haven asset throughout the year and hold its value.

Regarding the real estate investment channel, Ms. Hoang Nguyet Minh, Senior Director of Commercial Leasing Division, Savills Hanoi, said that the residential real estate project segment is the most affected segment in the market in Vietnam.

But other product lines such as offices are being rented very well, and retail has begun to recover after Covid-19.

Regarding the securities investment channel, Mr. Le Duc Khanh, Director of Analysis – Director of Investment Capability Development, VPS Securities Joint Stock Company said, in the current context, when interest rates are high, cash flow on the stock market can hardly return to the peak period like 2020-2021.

Accordingly, this period and in the first half of 2023, the market is accumulating, so there are small fluctuations, creating ripples.

“This is the time for individual stocks, which have their own stories, which experts have now mentioned names such as construction groups, public investment, banks. In my opinion, the prediction for 2023 is more active and has opportunities for investors,” said Mr. Le Duc Khanh.


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