Customs create safe environment for all procedures


Customs create safe environment for all procedures

In a recent monthly Customs newsletter, Jassim Al Ateeq, Acting Head of Ras Laffan Customs shed light on the important competencies of the section.

The Ras Laffan Port Customs Section at Doha Old Port and Northern Ports is one of the important sections of the General Customs Authority.

Speaking about the future plans, Al Ateeq said, Ras Laffan Port Customs is keen to pay attention to the human cadre, “we have developed a set of future plans, namely the participation and training of employees remotely in anticipation of disasters as we are keen to create a safe and clear work environment for all customs procedures that contribute to the field of customs work.”

The entities that cooperate to complete the seizure or violations of the law include the Industrial Security Authority of the Ministry of Interior and the General Department of Passports, in addition to the Department of Combating Smuggling and Harmful Trade Practices at the Authority and all entities related to customs work.

Ras Laffan Port Customs has several responsibilities, including, monitoring the movement of imported and exported goods through Ras Laffan Port, receiving and recording the manifest for imported and exported goods from the captain of the ship and all documents specified by law and ensuring that what is stated therein corresponds to the reality of the goods.

Regarding efforts made to facilitate the movement of travellers, their luggage and cargo, Al Ateeq noted that the movement of passengers arriving and departing through Ras Laffan Port is monitored, inspected and their luggage checked in accordance with the provisions of the law and the executive decisions issued in this regard.

Explaining the role of Ras Laffan Port Customs when commercial or industrial vessels arrive, the official said, “When ships arriving at the port have not paid the customs fees online or in advance, then the competent customs broker asks to make the payment at the revenue office at Ras Laffan Port Customs. Some ships may be exempted from customs duties according to the agreements concluded between the General Authority of Customs and the importing companies (Gulf origin).”

“Ships may dock at the port also through temporary entry approval which requires prior consent by the Department of Exemptions and Suspended Conditions of Duties. The company reviews the port to provide them with documents and if all conditions are met and after verification by the revenue officer at Ras Laffan Port Customs and no objection by the Department of Exemptions and Suspended Conditions of Duties, the temporary entry is approved.”

“As for the procedures followed to inspect ships, the inspection officer inspects empty or loaded ships, and after conformity and completion of all inspection procedures, they get released,” he added.


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