Businesses are shifting to recruiting highly skilled workers


Businesses are shifting to recruiting highly skilled workers
High-quality labor is always the priority recruitment source for businesses. Photo: TD

Increasing labor for export processing

At the end of February 2024, Sao Ta Food Joint Stock Company – a large shrimp export enterprise in Soc Trang recruited dozens of workers who are seafood processing engineers and food technology. This is one of the times this company recruited a large number of highly qualified workers to serve the processing of exported aquatic products. The company’s leaders said they will continue to strengthen the development of the Japanese market and maintain existing markets; Focusing on learning and gradually penetrating the Chinese market.

Currently, Sao Ta Food Joint Stock Company has 3 factories and 2 shrimp farming areas with a large area with an estimated supply of 16,000 tons/year. A representative of Sao Ta Food Joint Stock Company said that it will improve product diversification, suitable for factory conditions, especially promoting the production of deeply processed, value-added products. The products that need to increase production to promote their strengths are breaded shrimp, stretched shrimp, fried shrimp, sushi shrimp, and at the same time strive to maintain market share for other shrimp products. With the shift to deep processing, the business expects that in 2024, net revenue can reach VND 6,259 billion, an increase of 28% compared to the previous year; Profit after tax reached VND 340 billion, an increase of 22%.

According to experts, after many years of exporting, Vietnam’s products have entered the global supply chain, so it has experience in organizing and meeting market demand. In addition to producing products according to the buyer’s formula, many Vietnamese businesses have recruited a team to research and develop deeply processed products, proactively launching new product models to create competitive advantages.

Vinh Hoan Group with a chain of companies specializing in farming, processing – exporting pangasius and value-added products. With a closed production process from nursery, fish farming to processing and exporting finished products to markets around the world. The company’s most important export product is frozen pangasius fillet. An increasing proportion of the company’s revenue comes from value-added products, collagen and gelatin, and salmon processing for the company’s Japanese partner.

Currently, Vinh Hoan not only produces breaded pangasius fillets, but also combines many different products to create seafood and vegetable noodle dishes. Besides, Vinh Phuoc Company – a subsidiary of Vinh Hoan Joint Stock Company has also succeeded in expanding into salmon processing for a Japanese partner. With improved factories and spaces, along with a team of highly skilled workers, Vinh Hoan has started importing salmon for processing and export.

Improving labor quality

Currently, many businesses are undergoing strong digital transformation or applying high technology, so there is a need to recruit technical workers to operate high-tech production lines. However, businesses say that currently, recruiting skilled workers is difficult because the market lacks skilled technical workers.

Many experts also commented that Vietnam’s labor market will enter 2024 on the basis of guaranteed targets assigned by the National Assembly and the Government to the Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs sector. That is to maintain the unemployment rate below 4%; Trained workers reached nearly 69%, of which 28% were workers with certificates and degrees. However, new challenges coming from the world situation and the rapid development of technology force us to have very quick and appropriate solutions. Therefore, high-quality human resources are the most important resource and the driving force for breakthrough. Training high-quality human resources is a key task for 2024 so that Vietnam does not miss the trend for economic development.

According to Mr. Vu Xuan Hung, Director of the Department of Formal Training, General Department of Vocational Education, Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, in the long term, it is not only about creating more new jobs but also promoting quality jobs high and sustainable quality, with special priority given to improving employment quality in vulnerable employment groups. In addition, it is necessary to focus on developing high-quality labor supply through changes in vocational education policies.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang Thi, CEO of VNETWORK Joint Stock Company, said that 2024 is predicted to be the time when the labor market gradually recovers, but it is not really sustainable, the wave of personnel cuts may continue. to act. In addition, under the influence of a prolonged wave of layoffs, companies have narrowed their business, causing a serious shortage of quality labor. Therefore, the need to recruit high-quality human resources positions is a top priority for businesses. Therefore, the labor market is also expected to increase and have high competition from job seekers.

As for VNETWORK Joint Stock Company, currently recruiting many positions to supplement human resources for 2024, priority will be given to information technology positions with salaries ranging from VND 15 – 30 million/month. Because this industry is still assessed as having a scarcity of high-quality labor resources.


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