Party leader s speech on personnel work hailed by community


Party leader’s speech on personnel work hailed by community hinh anh 1

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong addresses the first meeting of the sub-committee in charge of the personnel work of the 14th National Party Congress. (Photo: VNA)

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s speech at the recent meeting of the sub-committee in charge of the personnel work of the 14th National Party Congress has received applause from officials, Party members, and people in Ho Chi Minh City.

Diep Van Son, former Vice Director of the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Representative Office in HCM City, said that the Party leader’s orientations on the work are similar to those in the 13th National Party Congress, which is to ensure that no unqualified officials are considered for high-ranking positions.

Son underlined the need to renovate methods to control power amid changes in power abuse forms.

Meanwhile, La Huu Vinh, a war veteran and a 50-year Party member from District 10 said that the Party chief’s speech can be seen as a summary of the meaning and significance of the personnel work as well as thorough, proper and scientific viewpoints on the work, with a long-term vision.

Vinh noted that in the speech, the Party leader affirmed that personnel work is not only a key task in Party building but also an important link in all Party activities, a factor determining the success of the revolution. The Party chief also highlighted the significance of the work to the country’s development, Vinh said.

The veteran highly evaluated Party General Secretary Trong’s ideas on the methods and process to select personnel at the 14th National Party Congress, especially requirements in selecting the 14th Party Central Committee, the agency that gives significant decisions for the country.

The Party Central Committee must be a collective of solidarity, integrity and high unity in will and actions so as to ensure the success of the revolution in the new period, Vinh said.

The standards for officials mentioned by the Party leader, including those in virtue and talent with virtue being the root, are the common guidance for Party Committees, sectors and localities in personnel work, he stressed.

Vinh held that basing on the Party chief’s directions and the current reality, it can be said that the higher position an official holds, it is more important for the official to set good example in serving the Fatherland and the people, placing the interest of the revolution, the nation and the people above all./.


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