Ha Nam Ninh Customs sets five goals for quality policy 2024


Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department is committed to achieving the goal of promoting administrative reform, customs modernization and digital transformation. At the same time, focusing on developing the Customs-Enterprise partnership in the spirit of improving voluntary compliance with customs laws, as well as promptly resolving difficulties and obstacles to support and facilitate when carrying out customs procedures for the business community.

Besides that, striving to reach 100% of public servants and workers strictly comply with the Party’s guidelines and policies, State laws and discipline of the industry; seriously implement “Regulations on public service activities of Vietnam Customs” and office culture; build a professional team, operate with integrity, have professional qualifications appropriate to the job position, and master in modern technology to meet task requirements in the new situation.

Ninh Binh Customs officers (Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department) guide businesses to implement customs procedures. Photo: H.Nụ
Ninh Binh Customs officers (Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department) guide businesses in implementing customs procedures. Photo: H.Nụ

Furthermore, managing budget spending economically and complying with regulations; strictly managing and using assigned public assets for the right purpose and effectively.

Striving to complete the state revenue targets assigned by the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Vietnam Customs, and the People’s Committees of Ha Nam, Nam Dinh, and Ninh Binh provinces. Additionally, promoting solutions to prevent revenue loss; improve the quality of post-clearance audit and specialized inspection; and apply information technology to improve management efficiency.

Notably, Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department strives to complete 100% of key work programs to ensure quality and on schedule.

In addition, the collective leadership, officials and employees of Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department commit to continue implementing and completing the tasks of state management of customs in the assigned area following the policies and guidelines of the Party and State laws, direction of General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Building a lean, effective and efficient organizational structure; the team of Customs officers has enough quality and capacity; acquiring professional qualifications, operating with integrity, having professional working style, and master in modern technology and equipment; improving the level of political theory, leadership, and in-depth management and administration. Determining to build Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department to become “Solidarity – Discipline – Creativity – Integrity – Professionalism – Modernity”.


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