State Treasury Researching and piloting chain technology AI into operation


VCN – To form a digital-based treasury by 2025, besides administrative reform and modernization of professional activities, the State Treasury continues to modernize information technology, forming the basic steps for digital transformation.

According to the State Treasury Development Strategy to 2030, by 2025, the State Treasury will operate based on digital data and complete the digital treasury platform. Photo: Thùy Linh
According to the State Treasury Development Strategy to 2030, by 2025, the State Treasury will operate based on digital data and complete the digital treasury platform. Photo: Thùy Linh

Piloting remote digital signing technology

Implementing the Government’s scheme No. 06 on developing the application of population data, e-identification and e-authentication to the national digital transformation in 2022 – 2025, with a vision by 2030, the State Treasury has provided utilities so that units of the Public Security sector can make and approve the signing of authorization numbers for payment and collection from temporary collection accounts; connect to the National Public Service Portal to receive refund orders and fees for state budget refund.

The State Treasury said that the whole Industry had piloted remote digital signing technology, helping budget-using units have less dependence on USB token devices, allowing biometric verification (face or fingerprint), against lending USB tokens to enhance security; piloting data connection with electricity, water and telecommunications service providers to actively make payment for budget-using units under their electronic authorization in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The State Treasury has completed the large-scale implementation of a program on managing and controlling capital expenditure for basic construction investment through the State Treasury. The State Treasury units have exploited and used the program to control investment expenditure from the stage of total investment, medium-term capital plan, annual capital plan, project items, works and each contract A – B, implementing payment commitments and controlling payments. At the same time, the data is timely aggregated for periodic reports following Circular No. 15/2021/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance…

Besides upgrading and building application software systems and programs, the State Treasury also focuses on building the overall design of the State Treasury’s information technology security system following international practice standards and information security policies, completing the construction of disaster prevention for information technology systems. This has helped to minimize the risks of information insecurity, helping the State Treasury’s information technology application systems to operate stably, safely and effectively.

Moving towards digitization and electronic storage

The State Treasury said that in the future, this unit would coordinate with relevant parties to research and test blockchain technology in professional activities. Through testing, State Treasury realized some potential applications and knew the level of technological maturity, thereby proposing a roadmap for continuing research applications for the next phase.

The State Treasury will also coordinate with several technology partners to research and pilot artificial intelligence (AI) technology into professional activities such as consulting, answering policies and laws in the treasury, field, support and operation, and risk management. The research results showed a high potential for application in support, operation (virtual assistant, collecting user habits to improve service quality), and risk management (data-based business risk assessment).

In the condition that nearly 100% of state budget revenue and expenditure transactions of the State Treasury have been carried out through online public services as well as through banks, the research, development and implementation of an electronic storage system has gradually increased to replace paper storage, starting from storing records and documents of state budget expenditure in 2023, progressing to the digitization and electronic storage following the roadmap of promulgating and completing legal provisions about electronic storage. It is a step that brings efficiency as well as ensures prudence.

The State Treasury promoted communication and data connection with ministries, departments and sectors as well as with budget users (customers), contributing to achieving the goal: by 2025, the State Treasury will operate based on digital data and complete the Digital Treasury platform.

By Thuỳ Linh/Thanh Thuy


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