Quang Tri Customs makes great effort to boost import and export activities across area


VCN – Improvement of the business environment and facilitation to import and export activities in the area are key goals set by Quang Tri Customs Department in drastically implementing solutions to promote administrative procedure reform and customs modernization.

Quang Tri Customs makes great effort to boost import and export activities across area

Import and export activities across La Lay International Border Gate, Quang Tri. Photo: Thanh Tan

Coordinating customs clearance

According to Quang Tri Customs Department, as of February 15, the import and export turnover across the area reached US$ 48.74 million. Some items have high import and export turnover, such as wooden products at US$ 4.2 million, natural rubber at over US$3 million, wood chips at more than US$1.9 million, minerals at over US$1.39 million and cane sugar at US$1.2 million.

At La Lay Border Gate Customs Branch, as of February 22, the declaration processed by the Branch increased by 14.76% to 311 declarations. The import and export turnover saw year-on-year growth of 49% to US$ 19.614 million. The revenue rose by 228.26% to VND38.036 billion compared with the year ago. The taxable imports and exports went up 180% compared with the same period year.

Coal imported into Vietnam for consumption in localities and abroad surged. About 150 container trucks have carried this item on average per day.

“The Branch has assigned 100% officers to process procedures for enterprises. On the other hand, the Branch has also coordinated with local agencies to inspect and control smuggling and trade fraud. Motivated by positive signs of import and export activities, it is forecasted that the indicators in 2023 will increase from 30% to 50% compared with 2022. As a result, the budget revenue will exceed the assigned target of VND 220 billion,” the La Lay Border Gate Customs Branch leader said.

At Lao Bai International Border Gate, in January, the Branch processed 518 import and export declarations with a turnover of US$ 26.689 million and a total volume of goods at 60,402 tons. In addition, the Branch also implemented procedures for 1,072 transit declarations with a total value of goods at US$409.78 million.

Recently, the Branch held a dialogue conference with 70 import and export enterprises. At the conference, enterprises highly appreciated the customs reform and modernization by equipping many modern machines and equipment, especially container scanners, which helped businesses shorten customs clearance time and reduce costs.

Lao Bao Customs Department has recorded many problems and difficulties related to loading and unloading for overloaded means of transport when entering Vietnam, as well as the lack of a yard for unloading of goods.

In the future, the Branch will plan to improve service quality and collaborate with competent agencies at Lao Bao Border Gate and Den-sa-van (Laos) to remove problems and facilitate trade.

Promoting goods flow increase

To promote trade across the area, Quang Tri Customs Department continues to expedite administrative reform and resolve problems for enterprises, improve the business environment and facilitate trade to stably develop, attract investment, raise production capacity, boost the economy and create a premise to increase revenue. In addition, it strengthens the dissemination of information, policies and administrative procedures and diversifies measures to support enterprises in all processes and sectors.

Border gate Customs branches will continue to make plans and organize Customs-Business dialogue conferences, actively grasping the situation and problems of enterprises. In addition to trade facilitation, the branches will drastically take measures to control and supervise key areas and products.

Strengthen information collection and analysis to identify offences and fraudulent methods and tricks in import-export activities; make warning records; closely monitor, and supervise targeted enterprises that show the risk of taking advantage of incentive policies for smuggling and trade fraud.

The department continues implementing a plan to exploit the potential and advantages of the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC) and the Parallel Economic Corridor with the EWEC.

Advise and propose the Provincial People’s Committee solutions to raise the competitive advantage of Lao Bao and La Lay international border gates on the East-West Economic Corridor, including focusing on upgrading and speeding up the construction progress of infrastructure, roads, and bridges, especially to promote and increase the flow of goods and vehicles across the border gate, including to deal with the issues of charges at the border gate, inspection, supervision and coordination of competent forces at the border gate.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan


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