Huge drug lines and new disguise tricks


Drug evidence prepared to be crushed for export to Taiwan was arrested by Ho Chi Minh City Police
Drug evidence prepared to be crushed for export to Taiwan was arrested by Ho Chi Minh City Police

Arrested 184 bars of drugs that are prepared to be exported to Taiwan

That is a sophisticated trick of the subjects in the illegal transportation line of 184 bars of heroin from Ho Chi Minh City to Taiwan (China) that have just discovered by Ho Chi Minh City authorities and initially detained 3 related subjects.

According to Ho Chi Minh City Police, through residence management for foreigners and launching a movement of all people to denounce crimes, Ho Chi Minh City Police discovered a group of foreigners connecting with people in Vietnam to transport drugs from Ho Chi Minh City to Taiwan. On April 13, while conducting an administrative inspection of a room-divided apartment for rent in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Police discovered 2 foreigners staying but not completing temporary residence registration procedures. Notably, in this room, the police discovered many suitcases containing 184 bars of heroin and a number of machines and vehicles suspected of being used to process, break down, and package drugs, including: 1 grinder, 1 press machine, heat welding machine and many hollow metal tubes in the form of semi-finished battery shells were hidden by the subject in the kitchen compartment.

After being arrested, the two foreigners admitted to entering Vietnam through land border gates from March 15, 2024; then moved to Ho Chi Minh City to stay while waiting to receive 184 bricks of heroin to continue transporting to Taiwan for consumption. After receiving drugs from a “top” subject in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, the subjects hid these drugs in a rented apartment; At the same time, order grinders, welding machines, presses, and empty battery cases (ordered from China) through international express shipping service, delivered to the buyer’s address door-to-door, with the purpose of crushing the above drugs into powder, then pouring them into compressed battery shells and welding the lids at both ends into finished batteries to disguise them, not allow the Customs screening department to discovere it when completing export procedures to Taiwan.

Regarding the above drug ring, currently, Ho Chi Minh City Police are temporarily detaining 3 subjects to continue fighting to clarify the position, role, and criminal behavior of each subject; Continue to coordinate with the Drug Crime Investigation Police Department – Ministry of Public Security and relevant local police to urgently pursue and expand the arrest of other related subjects to thoroughly handle them.

The number of drug arrests nearly doubled

Assessing the above drug line, Ho Chi Minh City Police said that in order to smoothly transport the above drugs, the subjects calculated and researched very carefully and used all sophisticated tricks to disguise themselves, not allowing the Customs screening department to discover when carrying out export procedures. However, the above sophisticated tricks of the subjects were discovered and promptly stopped by the authorities.

At the Conference summarizing the work of Ho Chi Minh City Police in the first quarter of 2024, Major General Mai Hoang, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Police, said that regarding drug crimes, through the fight to recognize gangs and subjects with changes in methods and tricks of operation such as those importing powdered drugs from abroad to Vietnam, using machinery to prepare, process, pack, and stamp into drug tablets.

In order to disguise these drugs when leaving the country, to avoid detection by the Customs authorities, the subjects divided the drugs to disguise them and hide them among other types of goods, taking advantage of flight attendants and foreigners to transport into the city. Connecting with foreigners living in Cambodia to transport drugs to Ho Chi Minh City and resell them to below objects to consume in large quantities. In addition, Laotian subjects hooked up, disguised drugs in bags, pretended to be tourists, transported them across the border and directly delivered them to subjects in Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, subjects also took advantage of conditional business establishments or rent apartments and condominiums for renovation, as a place to hide, organize the sale, purchase, and illegal use of narcotics; The subjects bought dried marijuana in large quantities, then divided it into small portions for consumption in the City, etc. However, these sophisticated tricks were promptly detected and stopped by Ho Chi Minh City authorities.

In the first quarter of 2024 alone, Ho Chi Minh City Police discovered 813 cases with 2,019 drug offenders, nearly doubling both the number of cases and the number of arrests compared to the same period. Many drug crime lines and gangs operating in an organized, transnational manner with particularly serious nature have been destroyed; 15.63kg of heroin seized; more than 64kg of marijuana and 249.4kg of synthetic drugs, 14 guns and many other related evidence.

In the first quarter of 2024, Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department discovered and seized 3 drug cases; Evidence confiscated 3.6 kg of heroin and nearly 6 kg of other drugs, including discovering a new trick to transport drugs, seizing a shipment of nearly 6 kg of gummies laced with active ingredients of marijuana hidden in gift packages sent from abroad to Vietnam via express delivery.


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