Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department holds Customs Businessdialogues to remove problems for businesses


Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department holds Customs-Businessdialogues to remove problems for businesses
Director Nguyen Thu Nhieu speaks at the conference. Photo: H.N

The conference was attended by Cao Van Son, Vice Chairman of Ninh Binh Provincial People’s Committee, Tran Xuan Duong, Vice Chairman of Ha Nam Provincial People’s Committee, Ha Lan Anh, Vice Chairman of Nam Dinh Provincial People’s Committee and 150 import and export enterprises across three provinces of Nam Dinh, Ha Nam and Ninh Binh.

Making great effort to support the business community

At the conference, Ms. Nguyen Thu Nhieu, Director of Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department said that the Customs industry has actively developed a Digital Customs and Smart Customs model.

Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department has issued a “Detailed plan for Customs reform and modernization in 2024” and developed a “Management method of Customs reform and modernization plan of Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department until 2025”.

In order to achieve the goal, Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department hopes to be supported by the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Committees of three provinces of Ha Nam, Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh, and agencies, especially the cooperation of the business community of these provinces.

The conference is a good opportunity and a key information exchange channel for the department to get feedback from the business community. Director Nguyen Thu Nhieu expected that the department could resolveproblems under the department’s power for the businesses. The department would report contents beyond its authority to the competent agencies to provide solutions for handling and supporting enterprises.

At the conference, Mr. Cao Van Son highly appreciated the reforms by the Customs over the past time.

Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department answered frankly and directly questions raised by the businesses. The conference aims to publicize new customs policies, and is also an opportunity for the government agencies to listen to the opinions of businesses, especially difficulties and problems, thereby promptly instructing and proposing competent agencies to complete appropriate mechanisms and policies. Therefore, department asked the businesses to frankly express their thoughts, difficulties and problems related to customs process.

Mr. Cao Van Son said that in order to attract FDI enterprises to invest in the area, businesses are requested to pay attention to customs procedures at Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department. He also suggested that the department should facilitate, instruct and remove arising problems in customs process.

In the near future, the department should continue to promote administrative reform, apply information technology in performing work, regularly disseminate laws and instruct customs procedures for the business community. The department also should implement well the Customs-Business partnership as well as between the Customs and relevant departments and agencies, helping the development of customs operation at three provinces.

Son affirmed that the People’s Committee of Ninh Binh province is always committed to creating the most favorable conditions for businesses in developing business production as well as carrying out customs procedures.

Answering questions raised by businesses openly and frankly

At the conference, the Director of Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department gave recommendations when carrying out customs procedures such as: false declaration of regime code, shipping method codes, name of importers and exporters, quantity of imports and exports; failure to handle excess raw materials and supplies, scrap, waste products of processing contracts; notification of the use of duty-free goods; and errors in physical inspection.

The Director provided solutions to avoid errors as well as shared experiences to handle problems related to customs process.

Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department holds Customs-Businessdialogues to remove problems for businesses
A representative of a company asks the Customs at the conference. Photo: H.Nu

The leader of Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department directly answered problems arising in customs process, thereby, helping businesses update new customs policies, remove obstacles in implementing customs procedures as well as in business operation and import and export activities.

At the conference, Techcom Industrial Joint Stock Company raised problems related to norms of components and building norms for plastic components from plastic beads.

An import and export company located in Ninh Binh province asked that the company implements a processing contract for the same partner, so whether it can use materials from this processing contract to manufacture products for the other processing contract without opening a customs declaration to transfer materials from the processing contract to another or not?

Regarding this issue, the leader of Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department said that as per point c, clause 3, Article 64 and point b3, clause 5, Article 86 of Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC, the company can only use imported raw materials of the processing contract 1 for processing contract 2 after the material transfer declaration completes customs procedures.

Many businesses raised questions related to settlement reports for export production, and businesses that purchase domestic raw materials.

At the end of the conference, Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department received and answered 35 questions raised by businesses. In addition to the questions answered at the conference, the director of the Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department will answer in written dispatch for questions that are beyond the department’s authority for businesses.

Statistics at Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department, currently 1,335 enterprises have registered to carry out customs procedures at the department, an increase of 10.5% over the same period in 2023. Import-export enterprises in the area are mainly export processing and manufacturing enterprises. In the first quarter of 2024, 108,117 declarations were registered at the department, an increase of 27,634 declarations or 34.3% compared to the same period in 2023, including 55,589 import declarations and 52,528 export declarations.

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