Enhance the exchange of information on drug related crime prevention and control


Deputy Director General Luu Manh Tuong (right) and delegates attending the Conference. Photo: T.Bình.
Deputy Director General Luu Manh Tuong (right) and delegates attending the Conference. Photo: T.Bình.

Attending the conference were Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs Luu Manh Tuong; leader of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department; heads and soldiers of specialized agencies in charge of preventing and combating drug-related crimes under Police Department of Drug-related Crime Investigation (Department C04, Ministry of Public Security), Department of Drug and Crime Prevention (Border Guard Command), Department of Professional Technique and Law (Coast Guard Command).

At the Conference, representatives of four forces responsible for drug prevention focused on exchanging the following contents: updating and sharing the situation, methods, tricks and trends of illegal trade and transportation of drugs and precursors of drug-related crimes in the country and across borders.

Evaluating the results of activities in coordination between specialized agencies in the fight against drug-related crimes in the first quarter of 2024. Especially, focusing on areas of activity include advising on developing programs and plans to fight drug prevention; information exchange, deploying professional measures, and setting plans to fight, arrest, and handle cases of illegal trading and transportation of drugs; professional training and dissemination.

Scene of the conference. Photo: T.Bình
Scene of the conference. Photo: T.Bình

Furthermore, discuss, analyze and evaluate difficulties, problems, shortcomings, limitations and propose solutions to promote comprehensive and effective coordination between competent forces to complete key work tasks on drug prevention in 2024.

Continuing to strengthen comprehensive and practical coordination between specialized forces in drug prevention in sharing and exchanging professional information, coordinating in building and implementing drug prevention plans between focal points of specialized forces from central to local levels; strengthening coordination and control of legal activities related to drugs.

Regularly organizing preliminary conferences to exchange information on specialized projects and cases, especially large projects, to learn from experience, and consolidate, and improve professional skills in drug prevention which is the key to the success of coordinating the fight against drugs. Thereby, detecting and rewarding to promptly encourage groups and individuals with particularly outstanding achievements; encourage the spirit of emulation and replication of advanced examples of achievements in the fight and prevention of drug-related crimes.


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