Administrative violations at Dong Nai Customs decreased in both the number of cases and fines


Công chức Hải quan Đồng Nai thực hiện công tác giám sát trực tuyến. Ảnh: N.H
Công chức Hải quan Đồng Nai thực hiện công tác giám sát trực tuyến. Ảnh: N.H

According to a report from Dong Nai Customs Department, as of March 15, the unit had sanctioned 97 cases of administrative violations in the Customs field, collecting fines of VND 3.35 billion. Compared to the same period in 2023, business violations decreased by nearly 20% in the number of cases and 44.5% in fines.

During the period, Dong Nai Customs Department scanned 1,513 containers through the container screening system. Thereby, 5 violations were discovered, an administrative fine of VND 12 million was collected and a tax of VND 18 million was assessed with a value of infringing goods of VND 288 million.

Regarding post-customs clearance inspection, the unit has conducted compliance assessments for 9 businesses and continues to collect information from businesses to include in the post-customs clearance inspection plan for 2024. As of mid-March 2024, additional state budget revenue from post-customs clearance inspection activities is VND 13.11 billion, equivalent to 26.45% of the 2024 target.

According to the leaders of Dong Nai Customs Department, the unit has been equipped with many modern equipment to serve customs inspection and supervision such as online monitoring system, automatic customs supervision, and container scanning machines, electronic positioning seals… These not only help improve the efficiency of supervision and management for Customs authorities but also contribute to reducing procedure time and speeding up the progress of goods clearance for businesses.

In addition, to improve the effectiveness of control and management in the area, units of Dong Nai Customs Department always firmly grasp the operating situation of businesses in the area of management, especially the group of key businesses with high risks. From there, classify and group businesses to have appropriate and effective plans and solutions for control and management, to prevent businesses from running away or disappearing; do not let the behavior of transporting and consuming raw materials, supplies, machinery and equipment for the wrong purpose arise to gain illegal benefits, causing loss of State budget revenue.

In recent years, in the work of controlling, anti-smuggling, and post-customs clearance inspection, Dong Nai Customs Department has always oriented, in addition to preventing violations, also focusing on the goal of improving understanding of Customs laws for businesses, thereby helping businesses improve their ability to comply with Customs laws. Notably, in the pilot program to support and encourage compliance with Customs laws according to Decision 1399/QD-TCHQ dated July 15, 2022, to date at Dong Nai Customs Department, there are 22 participating businesses and the unit has also carried out over 120 activities to support member businesses.

Accordingly, in recent times, the compliance with Customs laws of enterprises in the management area has been constantly improved, the number of violations as well as the level of violations of enterprises have been also improved, without outstanding cases arose.

To continue promoting the achieved results, while further improving the effectiveness of anti-smuggling and trade fraud, according to Mr. Le Van Thung, Director of Dong Nai Customs Department, the unit will focus on deploying plans to build a database of businesses and goods for types of processing, export production, export processing, and bonded warehouses. This will be a centralized database to analyze, evaluate, and identify key enterprises and enterprises with signs of violating the law to serve customs management activities before, during, and after effective customs clearance.

Businesses in Dong Nai interested in program of voluntary compliance with customs laws Businesses in Dong Nai interested in program of voluntary compliance with customs laws

Dong Nai Customs Department will also strengthen coordination with competent agencies in implementing area management activities. In particular, it focuses on preventing origin fraud and managing processing enterprises, export production, export processing, and warehouse, yard and port businesses.


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