Da Nang Customs Bring the Customs – Business partnership activities into practice


Customs officers of Da Nang Customs Department carried out professional activities. Photo: Ngọc Linh
Customs officers of Da Nang Customs Department carried out professional activities. Photo: Ngọc Linh

Support businesses to well enforce the law

Implementing the task of developing partnerships between Customs – Businesses and related parties following the goals of the entire sector, in 2024, Da Nang Customs Department focuses on 6 transformation groups: transformation in approach method; transformation in expanding the scope and participants of the partnership; transformation in the way of organizing partnership activities; transformation in diversifying the content of partnership activities; digital transformation; transformation in improving the quality and effectiveness of partnership relationships.

In March, Da Nang Customs Department issued a Plan to implement Customs – Businesses and related parties partnership development at Da Nang Customs Department in 2024.

Head of Customs Supervision and Control Department (Da Nang Customs Department) Cao Van Nhan said that to implement this plan, Da Nang Customs Department has implemented specific programs and activities. One of the renovated activities this year is the seminar program “Settlement reports for enterprises engaged in processing, export production, and export processing”. This event will be held on April 16, 2024, at Da Nang Customs Department.

The workshop aims to change the content and methods so that business support activities become more substantive and in-depth, thereby continuing to accompany businesses in overcoming difficulties in the process of handling customs procedures in general and the field of settlement reporting of processing, export production, and export processing in particular.

The content in the seminar not only helps businesses to grasp the regulations and principles of preparing final settlement reports but also delves into the practical situation at businesses. From there, businesses and experts will discuss and point out the best problems and methods, helping businesses identify common errors and receive instructions on how to handle them to comply with regulations, prevent risks, and limit errors that arise in preparing settlement reports. Those activities have contributed to the prosperous import-export results in Da Nang city in the past first quarter.

According to data from Da Nang Statistics Department, in March 2024, the total import-export turnover of Da Nang city reached US$280 million, growing 40.9% over the previous month, an increase of 4.5% over the same period in 2023. In particular, exports are estimated at US$170 million, rising 39.6% over the previous month and increasing 4.4% over the same period in 2023; Imports reached US$110 million, growing 43% over the previous month and rising 4.7% over the same period last year.

In general, the total import and export turnover of goods in Da Nang City in the first quarter is estimated at US$763.4 million, rising 9.9% over the same period in 2020. In particular, exports are estimated at US$462.8 million, increased by 5.6%; Imports is estimated at US$300.6 million, rising 17.1%. The trade balance of goods in the first 3 months of 2024 continues to maintain a trade surplus of nearly US$162.2 million.

Moving forward to expand many digital utilities

According to Da Nang Customs Department, in 2024, activities to develop Customs-Business partnerships will continue to focus on strengthening dissemination and providing information to businesses through information exchange channels which have been deployed effectively in recent times and proposed new communication methods. Furthermore, modernizing customs supervision channels based on the application of information technology solutions; and expanding monitoring channels, tools, and utilities so that people and businesses have more options to participate in customs law enforcement supervision.

Moreover, continuing to facilitate and maximize support for export, import and transit activities to contribute to attracting investment and increasing the amount of import, export and transit goods in the city.

Continuing to research and build solutions to integrate tools to deploy a system to evaluate customs declarants’ satisfaction for civil servants and Customs agencies at all levels to integrate on the customs declaration program during the process of handling customs procedure, on the online public service system; public service assessment application at Customs headquarters; application to evaluate the quality of public service provision in mobile version.

Continuing to run the Pilot Program to support and encourage businesses to voluntarily comply with Customs laws. The goal is that over 80% of businesses participating in the program will increase their compliance level or maintain a high level of compliance; over 80% of participating businesses are satisfied with the support measures of the Customs agency.

At the same time, focus on cooperating with warehouse, yard and port businesses, shipping lines and customs broker agents in complying with customs laws and ensuring customs inspection and supervision conditions; exchange information, evaluate and classify business compliance.


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