Noi Bai Customs Branch performs anti smuggling and revenue collection


Noi Bai Customs Branch performs anti-smuggling and revenue collection
Officers of Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch supervises via camera system. Photo: N.L

The branch has implemented many solutions to create positive changes in the near furture.

In 2024, Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch is assigned revenue target of VND6,650 billion. As of March 29, the branch’s revenue sees a year-on-year decrease by 4.89% to VND1,330.3 billion, meeting 20.01% of the assigned target.

Deputy Manager of Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch, Phung Quang Minh said that the branch performs customs control at Noi Bai International Aiport (ranked first in number volume of imported and exported goods and ranked 2nd in terms of passenger entry and exit via air nationwide). Therefore, in addition to facilitating import and export activities of businesses, contributing to increasing state budget revenue, the branch always ensures the customs control and prevention of smuggling and trade fraud.

Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch has requested officers to continue customs reform and modernization, facilitate import and export activities, and shorten customs clearance time for goods. In addtion, the branch has required the officers to support and exchange information with businesses to promptly resolve difficulties and problems related to customs procedures, tax policies, and tax management.

Currently, the branch has actively coordinated with relevant enforcmeent forces to effectively process procedures for aircraft exiting, entering, and transiting via the National Single Window and the Automated Cargo Clearance System for imported, exported and transitted goods at Noi Bai International Airport.

On average, each day, over 3,000 shipments are managed and supervised by the system, with the automatic processing rate reaching over 99%.

The leader of Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch said that in 2024, the Branch will promote effective digital transformation based on the IT application of and the achievements of the 4th industrial revolution under the direction of the Customs industry and the city government by implementing four goals of promoting customs reform and modernization and IT application, building digital customs environment, reducing customs clearance time and facilitating trade.

The branh will focus on successfully implementing reform and modernization projects of the General Department of Vietnam Customs and Hanoi Customs Department, aiming to implement customs procedures anytime, anywhere and by any device; smoothly operate the National Single Window and ASEAN Single Window; improve the efficiency of the online public service system, aiming to provide maximum support to people and import-export businesses.

In addition, based on the assessment of the status in the management area, the branch requests units under Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch to regularly review the revenue collection, monitor revenue source, especially major revenues, ensuring accurate and timely revenue collection. In addtion, strengthen the prevention of revenue loss through checking product names, codes, quantities, tax rates, value, origin… at the customs clearance and post-clearance audit stages. Regularly collect information, identify signs of risk to take measures to inspect, monitor and control; perform post- clearance audit, specialized inspection, fight against smuggling and trade fraud.

The branch also analyzes, collects information, and assesses risks for each warehouse, yard and port operator, and import-export enterprise, thereby, inspecting and supervising the implementation of customs procedures, updating information of goods in and out the customs control area to promptly detect and prevent smuggling, trade fraud, and illegal transportation of goods across the border.

The work performance report in March shows that, from February 16 to March 15 the Customs Enforcement Team performed 25 planned patrols and controls at warehouses of ALS, NCTS, ACSV and terminal T2, including 8 inspections at Terminal T2, 6 partrols at ACSV, 4 inspections at NCTS, 7 inspections at ALSC. The inspections have promptly detected signs of risk, prevented violations. From the beginning of the year until now, Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch has sanctioned 18 administrative violations, and fined VND127 million.

In order to achieve the goals of customs reform and modernization in 2024, the branch will develop a plan on customs reform and modernization and IT application. Building qualified human resources for the smooth IT application system. Developing applications to share data and information from the department to branch and with businesses. Connecting data of screening images, cameras, tax refund information and create favorable conditions associated with instruction for businesses…

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