Bogus company in the case of smuggling 1 6 tons of ivory at Hai Phong port


Exhibits in the seizure of nearly 1.6 tons of ivory.
Exhibits in the seizure of nearly 1.6 tons of ivory.

Regarding the case of smuggling nearly 1.6 tons of ivory recently chaired by Hai Phong Customs Department, in coordination with other compentent authorities at Lach Huyen port, it is known that the enterprise sending goods has an address in Nigeria (a country in West Africa-PV) whose name is to receive the goods on the bill of lading is TPQ Vina Company Limited (address in Chi Lang district, Lang Son).

Verification results of the Customs force showed that TPQ Vina One Member Limited Liability Company had completed the procedures for receiving delivery orders with the shipping company, paid the fees and the shipping company had issued the delivery order to the consignee on the bill of lading.

However, TPQ Vina Company Limited has not yet opened the customs declaration to carry out import procedures for the shipment.

According to the Tax Department of Region 1 (Lang Son Tax Department), TPQ Vina One Member Limited Liability Company has an address in Dong Mo town (Chi Lang district, Lang Son), registered for tax declaration activities since 2016. However, up to now, TPQ Vina One Member Limited Liability Company has not operated at its registered address, has no signboard, and has not declared import data to the local Tax authority.

The director and legal representative of TPQ Vina One Member Company Limited is Ms. N.T.G (was born in 1995, permanent resident in Doan Hung district, Phu Tho province).

Working with the authorities, Ms. N.T.G said that around 2015 or 2016, while traveling in Bac Ninh, she lost her identity card issued by Phu Tho Provincial Police in 2013. In 2020, Ms. N.T.G asked for re-issuing a new identity card at Phu Tho Provincial Police.

Ms. N.T.G admitted that she did not establish or organize the operations of TPQ Vina Company Limited.

Currently, Ms. N.T.G is working at an electronics company in Phu Tho province.

With the above results, the Customs force determined many signs that TPQ Vina One Member Company Limited was a bogus enterprise.

As reported, following the direction of the leaders of Hai Phong Customs Department, on March 23, the Customs Enforcement Team (Hai Phong Customs Department) coordinated with Dinh Vu Port Border Gate Customs Branch (Hai Phong Customs Customs Department), Economic Police Department (Hai Phong City Police), Unit 1 (Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department, General Department of Vietnam Customs), Reconnaissance Group No. 1 (Coast Guard Command) to examine this suspected shipment packed in a container at Lach Huyen international port.

The inspection results revealed that many pineapple sacks contained 547 pieces of ivory with a total weight of 1,580 kg.

Notably, the subjects painted the ivory black to deceive the competent forces. This trick was discovered for the first time in the Hai Phong port area and the whole country.

The case is being further investigated and clarified by the authorities.


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