Digitalizing procedure for social welfare payment at State Treasury


Tellers perform operations on the State Treasury's online public service portal. Illustration photo: Ninh Thuan State Treasury
Tellers perform operations on the State Treasury’s online public service portal. Illustration photo: Ninh Thuan State Treasury

More progress thanks to digitalization

One of the five specific goals in the State Treasury Development Strategy to 2030 is that the State Treasury will operate based on digital data and complete the digital Treasury platform by 2025; basically, all state budget revenue and expenditure transactions through the State Treasury are carried out electronically. After 2025, the State Treasury will focus on researching and developing services following the demands of people, businesses and state authorities. From there, the goal is that by 2030, the State Treasury will complete the construction of a Digital Treasury.

Sticking to the above goals and orientations, Mr. Nguyen The Anh, Deputy Director of the Expenditure Control Department, said that the State Treasury has synchronously and actively deployed many solutions, especially relating to digitization and electronicization of revenue and expenditure transactions. Regarding payments to individuals’ accounts, currently, the State Treasury has upgraded online public services with the payment control process for individuals receiving salaries from the State budget and through the State Treasury’s data exchange portal.

On January 9, 2024, the State Treasury piloted salary payments to individuals via accounts through the data system with the State Treasury in two localities, Vinh Phuc and Hai Phong. Deputy Director of the Expenditure Control Department assessed that after 3 months of implementation, this process received positive evaluations. Therefore, the State Treasury will implement a social welfare payment process similar to the salary payment process soon.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs will coordinate with the Police agency to exchange and verify accurate information about the beneficiaries to prepare a payment table, then the unit will prepare a payment request dossier with the State Treasury. After completing the control work, the State Treasury will upload the payment table data to the data exchange portal.

“This process is different and more advanced than before because previously when units moved to online public services, the State Treasury would have to print and restore payment tables and bring it to commercial banks for making payment. Therefore, with the current process, that step will be digitized and ensure data is safe and accurate,” Mr. Nguyen The Anh stated.

Strengthen information to disseminate

According to people and experts, digitalized social welfare payments bring many benefits: it is both safer and faster, but also avoids many errors and mistakes, and ensures timely delivery. beneficiary. Therefore, the State Treasury has cooperated with other authorities to carry out this work such as Public Security, Banking, and Labor sectors… Especially, with the orientation of social welfare payments on the VneID application, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Bank, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, the State Treasury and other units and localities are completing the implementation coordination process.

Mr. Nguyen The Anh said that currently, social welfare payments through the State Treasury are being implemented relatively well, promptly and to the right subjects. Although the rate of non-cash payments in general is relatively higher than a few years ago, to accelerate the digitalization of social welfare payments in general as well as payments via accounts for social welfare subjects in particular, the prerequisite is that the beneficiary must have a payment account. Therefore, Mr. Anh believed that all relevant agencies must have close coordination to disseminate information about the benefits that the digitalization of social welfare payments brings to people as well as social welfare beneficiaries.

In addition, the data connection between different agencies must ensure “clean”, “live”, right for the right target, and the right purpose. It is a key factor. Therefore, according to the representative of the State Treasury, early implementation of building a payment ecosystem through the VNeID application is extremely necessary in the future.

Mr. Nguyen The Anh emphasized that the State Treasury would continue to research and develop solutions to solve operational problems so that payments from the State budget reach each beneficiary in the fastest and most direct way. Currently, payment is still made through intermediaries, not directly from the state budget, but the Deputy Director of the Expenditure Control Department affirmed that this would be implemented directly based on policies and regulations as set.


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