Hanoi Customs accompanies businesses to develop revenue sources


Customs officers of Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch inspected imported and exported goods. Photo: N.Linh
Customs officers of Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch inspected imported and exported goods. Photo: N.Linh

Accompanying small and medium enterprises

In 2024, Hanoi Customs Department is assigned to perform the task of revenue collection of VND33,570 billion, higher than the estimate assigned in 2023 (VND33,160 billion). This is a difficult task in the context that the production, import and export situation of enterprises is still gradually recovering. In the first two months of the year, the turnover of import and export goods cleared through the Department reached US$10.8 billion, an increase of 37.8% over the same period last year, however, the turnover with tax reached US$1.3, a decrease of 6.13% over the same period last year.

To overcome common difficulties and accompany businesses in recovering and developing production and business activities, customs branches under Hanoi Customs Department are actively implementing solutions to facilitate businesses, removing obstacles in cargo clearance activities.

As one of the units contributing significant revenues to Hanoi Customs Department, as of mid-March, Vinh Phuc Customs Branch has completed customs procedures for more than 44,000 declarations and collected reaching VND850 billion, equal to 87.2% over the same period in 2023.

Deputy Director of Vinh Phuc Customs Branch Ngo Tien Thanh, said that the unit performed state management of customs for imported and exported goods that were mainly spare parts and raw materials, machinery and equipment… serving production and processing activities… of FDI enterprises and export processing enterprises located in the area. In general, the enterprise’s import and export goods were traditional and stable. Therefore, the solution to accompany businesses is to focus on supporting customs law enforcement. The Branch regularly organizes dialogue activities with businesses. Besides that, supporting businesses to promptly access new policy information based on each type of import and export goods and trade development trends. In particular, focusing on supporting groups of small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, and businesses that voluntarily comply with customs laws.

At Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch, Deputy Manager of the Brach Phung Quang Minh said that the biggest challenge in carrying out the unit’s tasks is how to simultaneously achieve two goals: facilitating import and export activities of businesses, contributing to improving the competitiveness of the economy, while ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of inspection, state management of customs, and fighting against smuggling, trade fraud, illegal transportation of goods and drugs across borders in the context of rapidly increasing traffic of vehicles, immigration passengers, luggage and imported and exported goods, and resources of the Customs authority, especially the limited number of troops.

Facing that challenge, Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch determined that continuing to promote reform, and modernization and strongly apply information technology to aviation customs procedures is the key mission to improve the capacity of civil servants, ensure requirements of state management on customs and enhance trade facilitation, while contributing to building a modern Customs industry, on par with the international level.

As of mid-March, the unit has completed customs procedures for more than 20,900 declarations; import-export turnover reached US$2.1 billion. State revenue reached nearly VND1,093 billion, reaching 16.43% of the assigned target. This result increased by 16.05% compared to the same period last year.

Timely support, ensuring production progress

Sharing about the Customs authority’s companionship in the production and business activities of the enterprise, Mrs. Pham Khanh Ngoc, Import-Export Division of ToTo Vietnam Co., Ltd. highly appreciated the Customs’s support during the process of investment and manufacture in Vietnam. Notably, the enterprise expanded its investment in a shower factory in Vinh Phuc. The process of importing equipment to build the factory infrastructure was promptly supported by Vinh Phuc Customs Branch to ensure the progress of putting into operation. After more than 2 years of building infrastructure and preparing resources, Vinh Phuc shower factory officially went into operation in Thang Long III Industrial Park, Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc, the inauguration ceremony took place on March 4.

Regularly operating import and export activities of goods through Noi Bai International Airport, Mr. Nguyen Duy Nghia, Director of Noi Bai Logistics Company, said that from the beginning of the year until now, the number of shipments as well as customers of business increased significantly. Old customers this year increased by 20-30% compared to last year, and new customers also recorded quite positive signals. With more goods being processed, e.g more diverse, therefore, businesses’ need for customs procedure consulting is also greater. Therefore, businesses want to continue to receive timely support from Customs authority so that cargo clearance activities are always timely.


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