Thanh Hoa Customs Department confirms power thanks to accompany and support activities


Customs officers perform professional activities at Thanh Hoa port Customs Branch. Photo: N. Linh
Professional activities of officers of Thanh Hoa Port Border Gate Customs Branch. Photo: N.Linh

Support businesses, nurture revenue sources

As of March 14, export turnover processed at Thanh Hoa Customs Department reached 0.92 billion USD, up 32% year on year; Import turnover reached 1.98 billion USD, up 35% over the same period. Of which, import-export turnover of taxable items reached 1.96 billion USD, an increase of 33% year on year.

Talking to reporters, Director of Thanh Hoa Customs Department Le Xuan Hue said that in order to effectively carry out the task of revenue collection, the unit’s leaders have directed its affiliated branches to proactively deploy measures to increase revenue and prevent loss of state budget revenue appropriate to current situations. At the same time, Thanh Hoa Customs Department has proactively evaluated the impact of international integration commitments that may affect revenues, closely follow the world oil price to assess the level of impact timely. It has also controlled the implementation of new projects; import-export activities of enterprises under the management area, timely promote solutions and nurture revenue sources, ensuring correct and sufficient collection.

In particular, the Department promptly updated and propagated supporting policies of the Government, the National Assembly as well as Thanh Hoa province so that the business community can proactively grasp and implement them effectively.

Each customs branch under Thanh Hoa Customs Department have implemented tasks closely attached to the situation of the management area. At Thanh Hoa Port Border Gate Customs Branch, Head of the Branch Ngo Van Thanh said that the branch’s management area spreads across industrial zones in the province with more than 200 enterprises operating in import and export activities, including nearly 150 regular import and export businesses and the main goods such as garments, footwear, seafood, construction materials… These businesses not only create jobs for tens of thousands of workers but also make important contributions to the province’s economic growth. Therefore, facilitating businesses to promote import and export activities is identified as an important, regular task and a criterion for evaluating the level of task completion of civil servants.

“With the goal of accompanying businesses, the Branch has conducted a lot of promoting activates such as maintaining and organizing customs-business dialogue conferences; Arranging civil servants in accordance with job positions, meeting the needs of state management of customs; Correctly and fully implementing customs procedures. Thanks to that, the number of declarations and import-export turnover have increased each year,” said Mr. Ngo Van Thanh.

As of March 10, Thanh Hoa Port Border Gate Customs Branch carried out customs procedures for more than 230 businesses, with more than 22,400 customs declarations reaching more than 800 million USD; Budget revenue reached more than 38 billion VND, up 6.7% over the same period last year.

As a key unit, contributing to the state budget revenue of Thanh Hoa Customs Department, Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Branch has promoted the advantages of its management location to attract more shipping lines and businesses doing customs procedures, making an important contribution to the socio-economic development of the province.

Director of Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Branch Le Hong Phong said that for the past 3 consecutive years, the branch’s state budget revenue results have exceeded the targets assigned by the Ministry of Finance. Revenue growth directly contributed more than 96% to the state budget revenue of Thanh Hoa Customs Department.

Being fully taken awareness of important responsibilities, the department’s leaders said that reform and facilitation of import-export activities are given top priority in parallel with proactively propagating the province’s support policies, attracting shipping lines and import-export businesses to transport goods by container through Nghi Son seaport. As of March 14, 2024, there have been eight imported crude oil shipments doing customs procedures at the seaport, the import volume reached nearly 2.2 million tons, equivalent to 15.7 million barrels. Average crude oil price reached 80 USD/barrel, average VAT amount reached 396 billion VND/oil trip. State budget revenue from imported crude oil reached more than 3,170.9 billion VND, accounting for 82.7% of the unit’s total budget revenue.

Such results made a hand in the achievement of Thanh Hoa Customs Department ranking top in the competitiveness index among provincial departments, divisions and branches in 2021 and 2022.

Fully exploit seaport’s potentials

Thanks to the effective implementation of accompanying solutions, supporting businesses, promoting import and export of customs units and affiliated units, as of March 14, the total turnover of imported and exported goods through procedures at Thanh Hoa Customs Department reached 2.9 billion USD, an increase of 34% over the same period in 2023.

Regular groups of import and export goods implemented customs procedures via the area include: limestone, wood chips; stone products; cement, clinker, plastic granules, petrochemical refining products; crude oil, petrochemical refining and auxiliary materials; machinery and equipment serving the construction of investment projects in Nghi Son Economic Zone; gypsum for cement and coal production; garments, footwear…

In addition, Nghi Son Seaport has completed procedures to receive eight entry and exit container ships of two shipping lines CMA and VIMC with 2,114 containers. The group of goods exported by container is mainly cassava chips, plastic beads, paperboard, stone powder…

Deploying tasks in the next quarters, Thanh Hoa Customs Department has determined that one of the key solutions is to mobilize logistics businesses to open ships at Nghi Son seaport and call on businesses to carry out customs procedures at the local customs unit to increase state budget revenue for the locality.

Besides, the Department also actively coordinate with departments and branches to advise the Provincial People’s Committee in implementing the province’s guidelines and policies on developing import-export activities. The coordination with other agencies is also fully paid attention such as the Vietnam Federation of Commerce and Industry Thanh Hoa Branch, Thanh Hoa Provincial Business Association, Stone Association, Thanh Hoa Textile and Garment Association…. Therefore, the Department can effectively deal with business’s obstacles in doing customs procedures, in line with taking propaganda of legal documents and support policies of the State and province to the business community.


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