3 priorities 3 breakthroughs in task deployment of State Treasury


Deputy Minister of Finance Bui Van Khang works with the State Treasury. Photo: State Treasury
Deputy Minister of Finance Bui Van Khang works with the State Treasury. Photo: State Treasury

On March 21, 2021, at the headquarters of the State Treasury agency, Deputy Minister of Finance Bui Van Khang chaired a working session with the State Treasury on the operating situation of the State Treasury system.

According to the State Treasury’s report, in the first 3 months of 2024, the State Treasury has been implementing 33 projects and tasks under the State Treasury Development Strategy to 2030 and 5 projects and policies under the work program of Ministry of Finance.

Along with that, the State Treasury proposed 16 projects, policies and tasks under the work program of State Treasury system that need to be implemented. Currently, projects and tasks are implemented under the proposed schedule.

In capital mobilization, the State Treasury has proactively advised the Ministry of Finance to organize the issuance of government bonds following the progress of state revenue collection, disbursement of public investment capital, and the need to repay the principal debts of central government budget; regularly review and evaluate the state budget revenue and expenditure situation and the ability to mobilize capital from government bonds to submit to the Ministry in order to adjust the appropriate government bond issuance plan.

The State Treasury has also promoted the implementation of information technology projects to modernize the State Treasury’s professional activities following the State Treasury Development Strategy to 2030 and the Plan for applying information technology in State Treasury activities in 2021-2025; strengthen the application of information technology to improve operational efficiency and service quality for budget-using units.

At the same time, continue to operate the online public service system to operate stably and smoothly to serve 100% of budget-using units that are required to participate in use; upgrading online public services and add data exchange portals via the Internet with electricity, water, and telecommunications service providers.

At the meeting, leaders of specialized units under the State Treasury also raised problems and suggestions related to the State Treasury’s projects in the reform and modernization process, especially the application digital state budget and accounting information system (VDBAS); progress of implementing the State Budget Finalization Report and State Financial Report in 2022; the situation of revenue collection, expenditure, disbursement progress of public investment capital, ability to mobilize capital from government bonds…

From the issues as mentioned above, Deputy Minister of Finance Bui Van Khang highly appreciated the results achieved by the State Treasury system over the past many years and in the first three months of 2024. Regarding the proposals and recommendations of the State Treasury, Deputy Minister The Minister noted and directed the State Treasury and units under the Ministry to promote coordination, exchange and sharing for timely and effective resolution.

To complete the tasks in the last months of 2024 and successfully implement the State Treasury Development Strategy following the proposed plan, the Deputy Minister requested the State Treasury to implement “3 priorities” including reform, development and modernization of state management functions of the State Treasury system; be flexible in government bonds issuance to create resources for socio-economic development and diversify government bond products to meet market needs; build a comprehensive and synchronous digital transformation project.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister also requested to implement “3 breakthroughs”. It includes breakthroughs in streamlining the apparatus, organization and human resource development; upgrading equipment and working conditions of the State Treasury system; and change management methods.

On the other hand, the Deputy Minister requested 7 notices that should be paid attention in implementing tasks.

Accordingly, pay attention to inspection, testing and ensuring internal control; prepare working content with the supervision team of National Assembly’s Finance and Budget Committee; manage public assets of the State Treasury system as assigned; State Treasury leaders pay attention to party and union work at the State Treasury agency and maintain relationships with localities; pay attention to launching emulation movements to encourage creative workers, thereby building typical examples; international cooperation to learn and study advanced experiences in the world; promote dissemination and legal education, creating consensus and unity in task performing.

General Director of the State Treasury Tran Quan affirmed that the unit would seriously apprehend, closely follow the instructions and drastically deploy tasks in 2024 as well as strive to complete the tasks of the State Treasury System Development Strategy by 2030.


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