Hanoi State Treasury proactively digitizes and transforms operating methods


Professional activities at Hanoi State Treasury.
Professional activities at Hanoi State Treasury.

Accordingly, implementing modernization projects as well as the State Treasury’s policy on expanding special purpose accounts at commercial banks in the area, Hanoi State Treasury has coordinated with 16 banks, bringing the total number of special purpose accounts to 250 accounts.

The coordination between the collection agency, the State Treasury and Commercial Banks has helped simplify the process and procedures for revenue collection and facilitated taxpayers to pay money into the state budget.

According to a report from the Hanoi State Treasury, the amount of money collected through commercial banks reached over 91% of total state revenue in the entire area. In particular, revenue collected by transferring via internet banking, mobile banking, and card acceptance machines (POS) of commercial banks accounts for about 95% of revenue.

Besides that, Hanoi State Treasury has always proactively and actively advised and proposed on revenue levels, collection rates (fees and charges), how to divide the content and budget revenues appropriately with assigned tasks of expenditure under the authority of the People’s Council of Hanoi City.

In addition, Hanoi State Treasury has ensured that electronic tax refunds for beneficiaries are quick, accurate, and safe. The switch from manual tax refunds to electronic tax refunds has received high consensus from people and businesses about the service of Hanoi State Treasury.

Regarding state budget expenditure control, until now, the unit has provided 11 out of 11 administrative procedures through online public services level 4 to budget-using units. Among these, 9 out of 11 procedures have been integrated into the National Public Service Portal. All transaction documents are received and processed on time.

Hanoi State Treasury also successfully implemented the Electronic Payment Program with banks following a centralized model and connection process between online public service applications – TABMIS – Electronic Payment with banks. It created a breakthrough in handling administrative procedures in the field of State Treasury through online public services…

With the goal of 2030, all transactions through the State Treasury system will be digitized. In the future, Hanoi State Treasury will gradually shift the payment control method to internal inspection, internal audit and investigate risk management mechanisms, manage and supervise professional activities of the State Treasury in districts and budget-using units. Accordingly, many state budget expenditures through the State Treasury will be implemented by the method of payment first, control later, and post-audit work will continue to be enhanced by the Hanoi State Treasury.


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