250 import export businesses dialogue with Hai Phong City People s Committee


Chairman of Hai Phong City People's Committee Nguyen Van Tung awarded certificate of merit to representatives of import and export enterprise. Photo: T.Bình
Chairman of Hai Phong City People’s Committee Nguyen Van Tung awarded certificate of merit to representatives of import and export enterprise. Photo: T.Bình

Accompany and support businesses

Speaking at the conference, Vice Chairman of Hai Phong City People’s Committee Hoang Minh Cuong emphasized: In the difficult context of the world economy in general and Vietnam’s economy in particular, Hai Phong is still one of the bright spots of the whole country to carry out socio-economic development tasks, especially in the field of import and export.

In 2023, total export turnover in the area reached US$31 billion, an increase of 7.7% compared to 2022; total import turnover reached US$30 billion, growing 9.1%. This result helps Hai Phong rank 4th in the country in terms of export and import turnover.

In the first two months of 2024, total export turnover achieved US$5.1 billion, rising 24.5% over the same period in 2023; total import turnover reached US$4.5 billion, an increase of 15%.

“The city always pays special attention to investors, always trying to improve the business investment environment through promoting administrative reform, facilitate businesses and people to reduce travel time and costs incurred which are shown through key indicators”, Mr. Hoang Minh Cuong emphasized.

Scene of the dialouge. Photo: T.Bình
Scene of the dialogue. Photo: T.Bình

In 2024, determining the goal of joining hands with businesses in the area to develop, Hai Phong City People’s Committee has implemented many solutions to continue to create transformation in the business environment and improve competitiveness, including clearly defining the goal: strongly improve the quality of the city’s business environment to match the context and development trends, to contribute to improving the country’s position on international rankings.

Furthermore, creating a healthy competitive environment, rapidly increasing the number of newly established businesses; reducing the rate of businesses temporarily suspending operations; increasing the number of businesses operating with innovation, green transformation, and digital transformation activities; reducing input costs and legal compliance costs in investment and business activities; reducing policy risks; reinforcing confidence, create a fulcrum for recovery and enhance business resilience.

Survey of 800 businesses

As the unit assigned by the People’s Committee of Hai Phong City to preside over the preparation of the conference’s content, Director of Hai Phong Customs Department Nguyen Duy Ngoc said: the unit has sent information collection and survey forms to nearly 800 businesses to record problems and recommendations of the business community.

Director Nguyen Duy Ngoc answered questions of business. Photo: T.Bình
Director Nguyen Duy Ngoc answered questions of business. Photo: T.Bình

Based on synthesizing and classifying business opinions, the leaders of the City People’s Committee directed relevant departments and agencies to coordinate to research and respond to 53 recommendations from the business community belonging to 8 groups of issues. For example, obstacles and recommendations to Customs authority regarding customs procedures; recommendations on strengthening laws dissemination; ensuring stable operation of the system;

Proposal to consider exempting or reducing fees for infrastructure and seaport services of the city and coordination between agencies to improve the efficiency of fee collection because sea transport fees and other fees, surcharges related to imported and exported goods set by foreign shipping lines, warehouse, yard and port businesses are increased unreasonably high (such as CIC fees, lifting fees, container betting, container cleaning, etc…); congestion at empty container delivery/return yards…

At the conference, representatives of some businesses raised their opinions to clarify the problems and recommendations and proposals as mentioned above. As assigned by the leaders of Hai Phong City People’s Committee, representatives of departments and branches directly responded to concerns and recommendations of businesses.

Representative of enterprise spoke at the dialouge. Photo: T.Bình
A representative of the enterprise spoke at the dialogue. Photo: T.Bình

Regarding the customs sector, businesses encounter difficulties in declaration procedures on VNACCS System, or performing administrative procedures on National Single Window Portal… Department Chief Nguyen Duy Ngoc said that VNACCS was a modern clearance system sponsored by Japan and implemented in 2014.

However, due to the number of declarations and the scale of import and export turnover increasing rapidly. On the other hand, in 2023 there was a time when the number of declarations related to buying and selling goods through the e-commerce floor soared leading to difficulties in making customs declarations.

This problem has been grasped by General Department of Vietnam Customs and has given timely solutions. Currently, the system is operating stably and smoothly. In the long term, during the business trip to Japan, the leaders of the Ministry of Finance requested the Japanese side to continue supporting to maintain the operation of the VNACCS System.

“Regarding the implementation of administrative procedures of some ministries and branches on the National Single Window Portal facing difficulty, the Hai Phong Customs Department will promptly report to the General Department of Vietnam Customs to work with the ministries, and relevant sectors to solve the problem,” Director Nguyen Duy Ngoc shared.

According to Mr. Ngoc, over the years, the unit has always focused on administrative reform and customs modernization, promoting the development of Customs – Business partnerships following the motto “taking businesses as the center to serve”; focusing on receiving problems and recommendations from businesses to promptly resolve them or propose and advise competent authorities on solutions to facilitate the sustainable development of businesses.


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