Tax sector accompanies and supports tax finalization


Conference to support tax finalization in 2023 organized by Hanoi Tax Department on March 5
Conference to support tax finalization in 2023 organized by Hanoi Tax Department on March 5

Modernizing resources to support tax finalization

Under the guidance spirit in Official Dispatch No. 522/TCT-TTHT of the General Department of Taxation, since February 2024, tax departments nationwide have urgently implemented many programs and activities to help taxpayers implement tax finalization conveniently, in accordance with regimes and policies.

In Hanoi, after organizing an online conference with the theme “Hanoi Tax Department guides, supports, and accompanies taxpayers to carry out tax finalization in 2023”, Hanoi Tax Department continued to organize a talk show on tax policy for public educational units to promptly answer and remove difficulties for them to comply with tax policy and legal obligations.

Many localities also simultaneously implemented a tax settlement support month. At the Tax Department of Hai Duong province, at an online conference to support tax finalization, the unit received 119 questions from taxpayers, focusing on contents of tax code registration for dependents; income that is calculated as a family deduction; PIT for house and asset leasing; declaration and finalization of personal income tax for real estate transfer. Questions were answered by the tax department in a timely fashion.

In Bac Ninh, Bac Ninh Tax Department organized a dialogue conference between the Tax authority and 1,500 businesses in the province on tax policies and administrative procedures in 2024, in which 2023 tax finalization is the focus of the conference. Mr. Ngo Xuan Tong, Director of Bac Ninh Tax Department, said that the conference aims at promptly resolving problems arising in the process of implementing tax policies of businesses, protecting the rights and interests of taxpayers. During the annual tax declaration season, this support and companionship is even more meaningful, contributing to improving efficiency in tax management.

At the tax settlement support conference of Bac Giang province, the Tax Department of Bac Giang province received and answered nearly 80 questions raised by businesses with contents such as corporate income tax incentives; authorization of tax finalization. Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Deputy Director of the Tax Department of Bac Giang province, said that in 2024, the Tax Department of Bac Giang province will strengthen innovation in communication and support measures to taxpayers, and continue to held dialogue conferences with taxpayers to promptly resolve tax policy problems, create the best conditions for taxpayers and improve production and business. In Ninh Binh, the Tax agency organized a conference to train, discuss and guide tax finalization in 2023 for about 300 businesses.

Promoting advantages of online support

Together with local tax department, the General Department of Taxation also organized a online conference to support tax finalization on March 12 and 14. According to the General Department of Taxation, from 2021, in parallel with the online support program via the portal,the General Department of Taxation has organized many livestreams on the fanpage. The online conferences show that the number of visits to the Portal of the General Department of Taxation has increased, confirming that this is an effective support method which meets the digital transformation trend, has wide spreading and quickly reaches taxpayers and saves costs.

After two days of the conference, the organizer recorded more than 62,200 visits to the website of the General Department of Taxation, up 30 times compared to a normal day, and more than 1,300 questions; over 187,000 people watching the livestream and nearly 1,500 shares. Of which, the General Department of Taxation received about 300 questions about corporate income tax, more than 1,000 questions related to personal income tax, and answered many questions on other contents such as: loan interest expenses when included in corporate income tax expenses; specific targets for revising up or down revenue, determining costs when declaring taxes such as enterprises enjoying corporate income tax incentives under new investment projects; exchange rate for calculating personal income tax for foreign experts; are monetary benefits included in taxable income when calculating personal income tax; settlement of a foreigner who do not reside in Vietnam.

According to Mr. Mai Son, Deputy Director General of the General Department of Taxation, during this year’s tax finalization period, 63 tax departments organized many different forms to support taxpayers in finalizing corporate income tax as well as personal income tax to end the fiscal year with good results, close to the actual situation of production and business as well as income of taxpayers. By organizing a companion month to support taxpayers in carrying out tax finalization in 2023, through online support forms, through channels of press agencies, the tax sector wishes to reach many businesses and taxpayers to understand their difficulties and problems to best support them in tax finalization. The leader of the General Department of Taxation said that the portal of the tax sector is always available to receive questions from taxpayers to remove difficulties and obstacles in a timely manner.

Sharing at the 2023 tax finalization support conference organized by the Hanoi Tax Department, Ms. Nguyen Thi Cuc, Chairman of the Vietnam Tax Consultants’ Association, said that with the companionship of the Tax sector in general, the Hanoi Tax Department Noi in particular, with the efforts of the business community, believes that businesses will quickly overcome difficulties and challenges, stabilize production and business, make profit and reinvest; employees have more income, making larger contributions to the budget.


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