Bac Ninh Customs stands side by side with high tech eagles


The working group of Bac Ninh Customs Department worked with leaders of Amkor Technology Vietnam Company in March 2024. Photo: Thái Bình
The working group of Bac Ninh Customs Department worked with leaders of Amkor Technology Vietnam Company in March 2024. Photo: Thái Bình

Supporting businesses

Six large companies and corporations that leaders of Bac Ninh Customs Department came to work for include Trina Solar Group, Goertek Vina Co., Ltd., Goertek Technologi Co., Ltd., Amkor Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd., Canon Viet Co., Ltd. Nam, Hana Micron Vina Co., Ltd.

Notably, all 6 large enterprises mentioned above are FDI enterprises with global scale operating in high technology fields such as (semiconductor industry, electronic components and products, solar energy systems…).

Therefore, meetings to capture and exchange information between Customs authorities and businesses not only help remove difficulties and facilitate import and export activities but also contribute to promoting investment attraction from large enterprises in the world to Vietnam.

At the meeting between leaders of Bac Ninh Customs Department and Amkor Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd. (FDI enterprise of the US, established in 1968), the company’s leaders shared that with extensive experience in the field of semiconductor industry, up to now the company was present in 11 countries and territories, of which 8 countries have manufacturing plants (with 20 factories), attracting about 30,000 workers.

The factory in Vietnam is the newest facility in the entire system. In November 2021, Amkor Group invested in a factory to manufacture, assemble and test semiconductor materials and equipment in Yen Phong II-C Industrial Park (Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province). The factory has a total area of 23 hectares, with the legal entity being Amkor Technology Vietnam Company Limited. Amkor Technology Vietnam factory has a total investment capital of up to US$1.6 billion. It is divided into three phases, ie. phase I is US$520 million and is expected to create jobs for about 10,000 workers by 2035.

On October 11, 2023, Amkor Group held the inauguration of Amkor Technology Vietnam factory and is currently conducting trial production.

According to the leader of Amkor Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd., during the project implementation process, the business received effective support and cooperation from the Bac Ninh Customs Department. Without that cooperation and support, the company could not soon complete its modern and large-scale factory as present.

The leaders of Amkor Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd. expressed their hope that in the future when going into commercial operation, they would continue to receive effective support and assistance from the Customs authority so that the business can develop its sustainable production and business in Vietnam.

Directly present at the working sessions of Bac Ninh Customs Department with large businesses, Customs Magazine reporters noted that business representatives highly appreciated the facilitating role of the Customs authority.

Along with the reform of administrative procedures and modernization of customs, leaders of large foreign businesses also highly appreciate the professional service attitude of officers and civil servants of Bac Ninh Customs Department.

Notably, for new businesses investing in Vietnam such as Amkor and Trina Solar, representatives of these businesses all affirmed that thanks to the dedicated support of Customs officers and civil servants, businesses have reduced clearance time, sped up the factory construction process, imported machinery and equipment to soon put the factories into operation.

The leader of Hana Micron Vina Co., Ltd. (Korea’s leading FDI enterprise in the field of semiconductors) expressed that the handling of customs procedures for the company’s imported machinery, equipment, and raw materials… was processed quickly and conveniently. In case any problems arise, customs officials would guide enterprises enthusiastically and promptly…

Accompanying and supporting businesses is a regular task

According to Director of Bac Ninh Customs Department Tran Duc Hung, Bac Ninh Customs is the state management unit of customs outside the border gate with a large number of businesses, including many FDI enterprises operating in the field of export processing and production, so the unit’s facilitation activities not only contribute to the overall results of the entire sector but also play an important role in improving the business environment and attracting investment into the area.

To complete the task, Bac Ninh Customs Department synchronously deployed solutions on administrative reform, customs modernization, promoting the application of information technology, and developing the Customs-Business partnership… The goal is to support and accompany businesses to comply with the law, reduce clearance time, and improve the competitiveness of businesses, including FDI enterprises.

According to Bac Ninh Customs Department, the unit’s annual time measurement results on cargo clearance and release in 2023 continue to improve. Notably, the average time from receiving the declaration to deciding on clearance/release of goods decreased by 61% for exported goods; a 40% reduction for imported goods.

Regarding the results of the Public Administration Reform Index (PAR Index) 2022 of affiliated and subordinate units announced by the General Department of Vietnam Customs (October 2023), Bac Ninh Province Customs Department achieved 89 out of 90 scores, leading in the country.

The Director of Bac Ninh Customs Department emphasized that accompanying and supporting businesses must be carried out regularly and effectively.

Therefore, in the future, Bac Ninh Customs Department will continue to develop the Customs – Business partnership and the Pilot Program to support businesses in voluntarily complying with customs laws to proactively capture business information, disseminate and support the business community to learn and properly implement the provisions of law related to import and export activities, help businesses gradually improve compliance levels, minimize the rate of declaration subjected to dossier inspection and physical inspection.


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