Quang Tri Customs proactively supports the implementation of My Thuy seaport Project


The research team discussed on the content relevant to My Thuy port project
The research team discussed on the content relevant to My Thuy port project

The My Thuy Port Area Construction Investment Project is a dynamic project that is of particular importance to Quang Tri province, the gateway to the East Sea on the East-West Economic Corridor.

This is a deep-water seaport, with a very favorable location to serve as a hub for the transshipment of goods on the East-West Economic Corridor, especially when goods transported through La Lay international border gate tend to increase sharply recently.

After a period of preparing relevant conditions, My Thuy International Port Joint Venture Company (MTIP) has officially issued a document announcing the start of construction of My Thuy seaport on March 25, 2024.

On October 4, 2019, the Government issued Decision No. 16/QD-TTg approving the investment policy to build My Thuy Port.

The project has a total investment of VND14,234 billion, the size is 685 hectares including 10 ports that can receive ships with a tonnage of 100,000 tons. It is invested in three phases from 2018-2036 with investment capital for each phase being about VND5,000 billion.

On June 28, 2022, Quang Tri Customs Department decided to establish a Research Team, implement customs management activities at My Thuy International Port and assign specific responsibilities to Team members and coordinate with MTIP to implement necessary procedures for port construction.

Recently, leaders of Quang Tri Customs Department directly worked with the project investor to advise on infrastructure construction and guide some necessary conditions to ensure state management of customs to facilitate trade and tourism activities.

At the same time, chair the meeting of the Research Team to continue discussing contents related to Project implementation.

After listening to reports from members of the Team on the research situation and coordination with MTIP in implementation, leaders of Quang Tri Customs Department directed the advisory departments and Cua Viet Port Customs Branch to actively guide project investors on requirements and standards for customs management inappropriate with the current design of the project.

On the other hand, proactively researching and implementing procedures for applying for land to build an office, procedures for applying for additional public investment capital projects for the period 2024-2026 and 2025-2031 of General Department of Vietnam Customs; as well as research and propose the establishment of an apparatus model that meets the requirements of state management of customs.

Timely report to the General Department of Vietnam Customs to guide regulations on customs operating areas and recognize customs inspection locations when the Project begins to operate.

In the future, Quang Tri Customs Department continues to coordinate the construction and installation of infrastructure systems to serve the customs inspection and supervision process; and support import and export activities in the port following the regulations. At the same time, supporting MTIP to complete the project’s investment goals is approved by competent authorities.


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