Quang Ninh Customs handles procedures for 22 429 declarations


In the first 2 months of 2024, Quang Ninh Customs has carried out customs procedures for 22,429 declarations of 727 businesses, with a total turnover of all types reaching US$3.06 billion.

Import and export activities at Bac Luan II bridge
Import and export activities at Bac Luan II bridge

Accordingly, there was a 53% increase in declarations, 48% in turnover, and 33% in the number of businesses compared to the same period last year.

Also in the first 2 months of the year, this unit carried out procedures for 75,811 immigration vehicles and 1.02 million passengers, an increase of 22% in vehicles and 2,369% in passengers compared to the same period last year.

According to the Quang Ninh Customs Department, to improve effectiveness, ensure state management of customs, and facilitate people and businesses participating in import-export activities in the management area, the unit has directed affiliated units to strengthen customs management, inspection, and supervision; promptly detect violations of goods origin, intellectual property violations, goods labels, illegal transportation…

The unit has focused on improving the efficiency of goods inspection and supervision using container scanners to meet the requirements of standardizing clearance procedures following WTO and ASEAN commitments; contributing to the effective implementation of reform and modernization of customs inspection, facilitating export and import activities of business community.

At the same time, actively coordinating to deploy the Prime Minister’s Official Telegram on continuing to drastically and effectively implement tasks and solutions to remove difficulties for production and business of people and businesses.


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