Drug prevention right from the point of origin


Drug evidence in a case jointly busted by Vietnamese and Cambodian authorities in 2023. (Photo: Provided by C04)
Drug evidence in a case jointly busted by Vietnamese and Cambodian authorities in 2023. (Photo: Provided by C04)

Complex developments

According to the Drug-Related Crime Investigation Police Department (C04, Ministry of Public Security), it is forecast that drug-related crimes will continue to increase and become complicated on key routes and areas.

Organizations and criminals related to drugs are increasingly taking advantage of regulations and policy loopholes (ie: policies and regulations on trade facilitation, visa exemption policy for ASEAN residents; differences in drug laws of countries, the trend of legalizing marijuana and some drugs in some countries…) to trade and transport illegal drugs, especially on air routes and express delivery; the situation is becoming increasingly complicated and unpredictable.

Implementing the Prime Minister’s direction which is to “prevent and stop early from the point of origin; attack the whole line not just the middle part; seize the instigators and leader”, specialized agencies in charge of drug prevention at the central level (Police, Customs, Border Guard, Coast Guard) will implement key tasks as follow:

Thoroughly implement the directions of leaders at all levels related to drug prevention. Seriously and effectively implement signed programs, plans, and coordination regulations to ensure compliance with the functions and tasks of each force to meet the requirements and tasks in the new situation.

Continue to participate in building and completing the system of legal documents on drug prevention in a synchronous and unified direction, following the Law on Drug Prevention 2021 and guiding documents for implementation.

Coordinate to perform the task of communication and dissemination to encourage people to follow the Party’s guidelines and policies, the State’s laws on drug prevention, and actively participate in movements to maintain security and associated with building cultural life and economic development in the locality. Implement programs and plans to communicate and educate the law to raise awareness, knowledge, and sense of compliance with the law on drug prevention.

In particular, it is necessary to coordinate to grasp the area, do a good job of collecting and analyzing information, basic investigation, and verify subjects related to illegal trading and transportation of narcotics. Open peak campaigns to disseminate, attack, and suppress crime, develop joint combat plans and strategies, and resolve complex crime situations in key areas, regions, and areas, especially in key maritime areas, major seaports, and land borders.

Actively participate in international cooperation activities on drug prevention and combat to remotely and early prevent the source of drugs entering Vietnam; determined not to let our country become an international drug production and transit area.

Regularly update warning information about new types of drugs, new methods and tricks of drug criminals among specialized agencies to improve the qualifications and vigilance of officers and soldiers of all forces, serving the highly effective fight against drugs.

Maximize resource mobilization

To continue to further promote the effectiveness of the fight against drugs, Director of the Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department (General Department of Vietnam Customs) Nguyen Hung Anh said that specialized forces will be responsible for continuing to promote and improve coordination in carrying out the task of fighting against drugs and controlling legal activities related to drugs, ensuring unity, smoothness, consistency, timeliness and effective.

Researching and considering developing coordination regulations between competent forces to consolidate and tighten the coordination relationship between forces, ensuring the organization and implementation of drug prevention activities systematically and regularly, high unity between forces and within each force;

Continuing to pay attention to promoting coordination and exchange of professional information, building warnings, analyzing and assessing risks and identifying key points; From there, coordinate and support each other in the fight to prevent and suppress drug-related crimes and propagate and raise awareness and awareness of the fight against drug prevention in the entire community.

Maintaining and carrying out regularly and effectively the work of briefings, exchanging summaries and assessments to learn from experiences in task performance and fighting drug projects.


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