Plan of bidding VND400 000 billion of government bonds with term 2024


VCN – The State Treasury has just announced details plan of the 2024 government bond bidding by term.

illistration image
illistration image

Accordingly, the plan of government bond bidding for each term 2024 is arranged by State Treasury into seven-term types, with a total of VND 400,000 billion.

Specifically, the term with the largest amount of government bonds is 15 years with VND140,000 billion, followed by the 10-year term with VND100,000 billion VND, and the 5-year term with VND70,000 billion.

Other terms are allocated as follows 3-year term is VND30,000 billion, 7-year term is VND15,000 billion, 20-year term is VND20,000 billion, 30-year term is VND25,000 billion.

The State Treasury said that during the implementation process, it is possible to adjust the volume of bond issuance to suit the market situation and the demand for using the capital of the state budget.

The announcement from the State Treasury was sent to market makers and Hanoi Stock Exchange to coordinate implementation.

According to information from the State Treasury, the total mobilized volume of government bonds from the beginning of the year to February 28, 2024 reached VND47,679 billion; the average issuance term is 11.75 years; the average issuance interest rate is 2.19%/year.

Thus, the State Treasury has implemented nearly 51.6% of the plan to repurchase government bonds with a term in the first quarter of 2024 (VND 92,456 billion), implementing nearly 12% of the government bond issuance plan in 2024.


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