Lang Son clears 1 601 exported durian shipments


Lang Son clears 1,601 exported durian shipments
Huu Nghi Customs processes customs procedures until 10 p.m every day.

60,000 tons of durian are cleared

According to Lang Son Customs Department, as of May 30, 1,601 consignments or 60,000 tons of durian exports to the Chinese market were cleared. In May, the Customs force processed customs clearance for more than 17,500 tons of durian exports to China.

According to the People’s Committee of Lang Son province, the volume of goods cleared within a day at Lang Son Border Gate surges because this is the harvest season of agricultural products in the inland provinces.

From March, the number of vehicles transporting agricultural products and fresh fruits to border gates in Lang Son province tends to increase. At peak times, about 1,000 trucks carrying goods (mainly agricultural products and fresh fruits) wait at the border gate for customs clearance, while the clearance capacity can only meet half of this number. Notably, many vehicles are cleared for the first time, so the procedure takes longer than usual.

The volume of durian exported across Huu Nghi International Border Gate accounts for the largest volume compared to the land border gates in the Northern region. Meanwhile, in the Southern provinces, the volume of durian exported across Huu Nghi Border Gate in June is estimated at 20,000 tons.

The representative of Huu Nghi Border Gate Customs Branch said that the branch arranged for officers to work from 7am to 10 pm to process customs procedures for enterprises.

Huu Nghi Customs also widely informed businesses, organizations and individuals engaged in import-export activities to actively grasp information about goods to bring goods to the border gate to carry out customs procedures and avoid prolonging time and increasing costs.

The Customs also recommends that individuals, organizations and businesses make advance declarations for import and export goods and strengthen contact with Chinese partners to improve the efficiency of customs clearance within a day.

Huu Nghi Customs Department has coordinated with yard operators to arrange human resources, vehicles, equipment and machinery to serve the delivery and receipt of import and export goods at any time of the day for businesses.

Huu Nghi Customs collaborates with relevant departments, agencies, and competent forces of Lang Son province, and discuss with the agencies of Guangxi, China to provide solutions to facilitate customs clearance across local border gates.

Businesses should take advantage of customs clearance from 7-9 am

According to information from the Plant Quarantine Branch of Region 7, the Plant Quarantine Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), the Chinese enforcement authorities pay attention to the quality of Vietnam’s durian. Therefore, the durian consignments exported to the Chinese market are closely controlled and must be met the requirements of specialized agencies on food safety and hygiene control; strictly comply with packaging regulations and ensure accurate traceability.

Mr. Hoang Khanh Duy, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Dong Dang-Lang Son border gate economic zone, said that at the end of May, the volume of vehicles transporting exported goods from inland to Huu Nghi International Border Gate continued to surge because the major fruit products of the country such as durian, dragon fruit, and lychee have begun to enter the harvest season, causing congestion of means of transport at Highway No.1.

To resolve this situation, the Management Board has directed the Border Gate Management Center to coordinate with competent local forces and traffic police to regulate and classify vehicles inside and outside the border gate area.

Lang Son clears 1,601 exported durian shipments
Trucks carrying agricultural products are regulated by Lang Son province into the parking lot of Xuan Cuong Friendship Joint Stock Company. Photo: H.Nu

The Management Board also has sent official letter to the competent authorities of Pingxiang town (Guangxi, China) to propose coordination in regulating durian exports across the Tan Thanh border gate (Vietnam) – Po Chai (China) to reduce the volume of goods across the pair of international border gates.

“Currently, we pilot customs clearance for vehicles carrying durian products across Tan Thanh border gate. On May 26, three trucks carrying durian for export were officially cleared across Tan Thanh border gate for the first time. In the near future, we will regulate some durian exports across this pair of sub-border gates to reduce pressure on Huu Nghi international border gate,” said Mr. Hoang Khanh Duy.

Currently, the Management Board has classified the vehicles into the parking lot at Huu Nghi border gate managed by Xuan Cuong Friendship Joint Stock Company.

On the basis of optimizing benefits for businesses and traders, the local government worked with Pingxiang Tax authority (China) to extend the customs clearance time to 20 pm (Hanoi time).

In the long term, Lang Son province requires enterprises, traders, goods owners, transporters of fruit export vehicles and relevant units to properly and fully declare customs clearance procedures, ensure the quality of export goods and make effective use of the clearance time within the day, especially from 7-9 hours to increase customs clearance efficiency.

The local government recommends enterprises, business traders, goods owners, and transporters to consider and evaluate the situation ty to regulate the means of transport, and develop a reasonable production and export plan. In addition, it is necessary to promptly grasp and update the changing policies of the Chinese side to coordinate import-export activities proactively, smoothly and effectively.


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