Anti counterfeiting on packaging A new trend of brand protection in the digital age


VCN – Faced with the reality of increasingly sophisticated brand counterfeiting and intellectual property violations, smart anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions are effectively applied by many units.

Anti-counterfeiting on packaging: A new trend of brand protection in the digital age
A sample of packaging products applying anti-counterfeiting technology QR code and authentic product verification via SMS of Vina CHG

Applying anti-counterfeiting technologies on the packaging, integrating Vinacheck smart software to identify and distinguish real and fake goods quickly, Sales management system, product tracking, brand promotion supports and effective customer care are the preeminent features of smart anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions developed by Vina Technological Science Development JSC (Vina CHG) has been introduced to the market in recent years.

According to the statistics of the National Steering Committee 389, in the first quarter of 2023 alone, functional forces arrested and handled more than 28,000 violations; collection and payment to the state budget of more than VND 3,387 billion; criminal prosecution of 278 cases with 679 subjects. This shows that functional forces and businesses have greatly tried combating fake goods, counterfeiting, smuggling and commercial fraud.

However, in reality, the business situation of counterfeit goods is still very complicated. Therefore, to have a solution to deploy and implement anti-counterfeiting work more effectively, it is necessary to join hands and close coordination from businesses, social organizations, and consumers as well as solutions and support tools for this work, especially when the digital business environment is developing like today.

Sharing in a recent meeting with the Steering Committees 389 Ca Mau, Mr Nguyen Viet Hong, General Director of Vina CHG, said that anti-counterfeiting, anti-commercial fraud and infringement of intellectual property rights need to be supported by synchronous solutions and the application of anti-counterfeiting technology, especially in the context of the strong trend of digital transformation.

“Usually, when counterfeiting, faking products, the packaging is the first target counterfeiters aim for. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting right from the stage of product packaging printing is one of the solutions that Vina CHG cares about, researches and brings to the market to improve the ability to fight against fake packaging and counterfeit goods, and protect the brand for businesses,” said Mr. Hong.

According to Mr. Hong, many businesses and customers of Vina CHG have applied anti-counterfeiting methods on the packaging. This new method has very good anti-counterfeiting effectiveness and especially helps businesses control products in circulation thanks to the integration of digital platforms.

“Anti-counterfeiting on packaging has been an anti-counterfeiting trend applied by many big brands worldwide. With modern anti-counterfeiting technologies combined with effective management traceability software, anti-counterfeiting packaging and smart packaging are suitable brand protection solutions for businesses in the digital age,” said Mr. Hong.

Specifically, Vina CHG’s anti-counterfeiting packaging solution will apply many modern anti-counterfeiting technologies such as SMS authentication, information retrieval and product tracking via secure QR codes and unique format codes, water technology, 5.0, 5S technology, VSI… Especially through Vinacheck software solution, businesses can easily manage goods circulation, stimulate consumer demand and take care of customers on a digital platform, helping businesses save costs and resources in production and business.

“The application of smart anti-counterfeiting technology on packaging will help improve the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting, at the same time, increase the reputation of businesses, helping businesses optimize costs in protecting and promoting product brands.

Anti-smuggling peak in the rest of 2021 and Lunar New Year 2022 Anti-smuggling peak in the rest of 2021 and Lunar New Year 2022

In the coming time, Vina CHG will continue to regularly accompany and support the authorities, especially the National Steering Committee 389, the market management force in the fight against counterfeiting, and counterfeit packaging, to contribute to bringing a healthy business environment for domestic enterprises”, Mr. Hong shared.

By Le Thu/ Huyen Trang


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