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VCN – Ensuring quality, safety and transparency of products, goods, or traceability is a general trend that is more concern, even a mandatory regulation in many countries around the world gender. Changing mindsets and ways of doing things will help businesses conquer the market.

The market increasingly demands the quality, safety and transparency of products and goods. Photo: ST
The market increasingly demands the quality, safety and transparency of products and goods. Photo: ST

Director of the Trade Promotion Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vu Ba Phu said that in the context of the market economy, traceability contributes to creating the foundation for the production and circulation of goods in the digital economy, helping businesses meet international and national regulations of the importing country, thereby helping to increase productivity, product quality and consumer market for businesses.

“Traceability of products in international business is increasingly important. In many major export markets of Vietnam, such as the EU, the US, Japan and South Korea, traceability has become an unwritten rule for imported goods and has become a habit of consumers,” said Vu Ba. Phu said.

The representative of the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia also said that businesses with orders to prepare to export to the Australian market need to ensure that the goods have met the biosafety import conditions and are fully prepared. Minimum import documentation required by Australia; ensure that containers of imported goods and food must comply with the requirements and are clean to limit risks that will affect the inspection progress of goods and especially pay attention to product quality.

According to the representative of the German Development Cooperation in Vietnam (GIZ), besides the expectation of export growth, the Vietnamese economy is also facing many complex challenges, requiring businesses to have the corresponding preparation step, in which green production and transparency of information help customers to assess the quality and sustainability of the product, increase the customer’s trust and support for the product and enterprise. Furthermore, traceability ensures that the production process and products are public, helping customers and the community to accurately assess the business’s products and ensure the responsibility of the business to the environment, market and society, thereby improving the value of the product, contributing to building the image and raising awareness from customers for products made in Vietnam.

From a business perspective, conquering the market with factors to ensure product quality helps to overcome strict criteria for importing goods. About 200,000 products from the baked coconut cake brand My Phuong Food have been officially exported to the Chinese market. This is the first OCOP product of Da Nang City officially exported to this market. According to a representative of My Phuong Food Co., Ltd., to convince a market like China, products need to undergo a process of negotiation and rigorous testing for many months to meet strict criteria, standards and requirements for food products. Imports of goods. With China, the unit must change the product design and packaging. For My Phuong Food, this is a market signal shipment, and it is expected that this shipment will open up more opportunities for the product to access this huge market.

According to a representative of Green Powers Co., Ltd (Ben Tre), before the new regulations of the import market, enterprises always have to invest and research to meet the market standards. Some markets have had changes in the use of plastic and nylon products and a roadmap to ban them. Therefore, the company must also gradually adapt and change. In the packaging stage, the company is researching to introduce some new environmentally friendly materials to replace nylon and plastic, such as research on biofilm to replace plastic wrap and straws using bamboo and grass the packing factory does not use chemicals or preservatives.

Besides many solutions, from capturing the market and proactively transforming businesses, solutions taking advantage of digital tools are being applied. For example, The trade promotion traceability system, built by the Trade Promotion Department, helps businesses build the image and brand of their products in the market, both domestically and for export. According to Mr Vu Ba Phu, the Trade promotion traceability system applying blockchain technology is a solution to combat counterfeiting, ensure prestige and improve competitiveness for Vietnamese goods and businesses in Vietnam’s domestic and international markets. The system provides online traceability solutions to help businesses, cooperatives and farmer households update information about product origin, including general information in, an electronic diary during cultivation, production, processing, transportation, and distribution.

Traceability of raw materials a big boost to textile industry competitiveness: experts Traceability of raw materials a big boost to textile industry competitiveness: experts

According to the leader of the Trade Promotion Agency, in the coming time, the Department will work with international organizations to promote and introduce; and work with Vietnam’s trading partners to ensure data interoperability and mutual recognition towards the goal of ensuring high authenticity and consumer confidence when using a trade promotion traceability system.

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