Finance sector continues to improve the efficiency of anti corruption


Illustration image. Source: Internet
Illustration image. Source: Internet

Seriously implementing a code of conduct and code of ethics

The Ministry of Finance has reported on the results of anti-corruption work in the first quarter of 2023. Accordingly, to prevent corruption and negativity, the Ministry of Finance continues to promote the strict implementation of regulations on publicity and transparency in operations which focuses on sensitive areas such as tax, customs; personnel and organization; annual settlement of budget estimates; publicize data of debts; inspection and examination.

In the first quarter of 2023, the Ministry of Finance organized 55 meetings, conferences, and classes to disseminate and educate about anti-corruption legislation thereby contributing to raising awareness and actions of officials, civil servants and public employees of the Finance sector on anti-corruption work.

Along with that, authorities, organizations and units under the Ministry of Finance develop and strictly implement codes of conduct and ethics. The inspection results showed that all officials and civil is strictly abide by the regulations in the performance of official duties.

In the field of customs, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has maintained the implementation of codes of conduct. Every year, internal inspection work is conducted, incorporating the content of implementing the regulations on inspecting official duties and handling violations of discipline.

The deployment of the surveillance camera system and online customs supervision room at the General Department level is not only allowed to monitor the process of carrying out customs procedures for imported and exported goods and vehicles, but it also helps to control and prevent negative behavior of civil servants timely.

The Customs sector also received information via the hotline (1900-9299) about troublesome and negative expressions of customs officers to take measures; arrange a specialized division to monitor and control the receipt and processing of information via the hotline.

The results show that Customs officers and employees seriously implement the code of conduct for persons holding positions and powers, and no violation must be considered and handled disciplined.

Regarding the General Department of Taxation, in the first quarter of 2023, the whole Tax sector carried out 58 cases of inspections on implementing the code of conduct of cadres and civil servants in 148 affiliated units. As a result, the implementation of the code of conduct of tax officials and employees has changed in terms of awareness; behavior in communication and duties performance between civil servants and citizens and businesses has been improved, contributing to limiting harassment and negativity.

In addition, the work of job rotation for persons holding positions and powers has also been strengthened by the Ministry of Finance. According to the Ministry of Finance report, in the first quarter of 2023, the Finance sector has rotated and transferred working positions for 755 people. In particular, the General Department of Vietnam Customs is 192 people; the General Department of Taxation is 556 people; the General Department of State Reserve is 7 people.

Besides that, the implementation of provisions of the law on control of assets and income of persons holding positions and powers at authorities, organizations and units under the management and control competence of the Ministry of Finance is also planned for implementation.

Strengthen detection and timely prevention of corrupt and wasteful acts

Regarding the issue of detecting and handling corruption through inspection and examination activities, in the first quarter of 2023, the Ministry of Finance carried out 1 case of administrative inspection as planned and circulated 3 conclusions of administrative inspection in three units.

Through the inspection, handling finance, collecting and paying the state budget, VND 53,793 million is recommended. In particular, VND 34,198 million is proposed to be paid to the state budget; another handling of the economy is VND 19,595 million. Units have made recommendations and paid the state budget VND 2,201 million.

The inspectorate of the Ministry of Finance and units with specialized inspection functions have carried out 13,347 cases of inspections, conducted an inspection of 186,674 tax declaration dossiers at tax offices and seized 1,259 cases through anti-smuggling investigation, thereby recommending a financial settlement of VND 23,319,920 million.

According to the Ministry of Finance, through inspection and examination, it has recommended financial handling, collection and payment of the state budget and sanctioning administrative violations in cases of violations, helping to rectify the financial and budget management at the units. At the same time, it proposes to ministries, sectors and localities to supplement the processes and amend legal documents related to management, administration, mechanisms and policies to ensure compliance with the law.

The report of the Ministry of Finance stated that the anti-corruption work of the Ministry of Finance had made positive changes in the actions and perceptions of officials and civil servants. It has obtained important results and has gradually prevented corrupt, negative and wasteful acts, promptly and effectively responding to the requirements of the Government’s direction and administration.

To promote and improve the effectiveness of the fight against corruption, and overcome limitations and weaknesses, in the future, the Ministry of Finance will continue to effectively control assets and income and implement regulations on the declaration and transparency of assets and income. Continuing to strengthen handling and effectively prevent harassment and causing trouble for people and businesses in solving work. Speeding up the review to propose and make recommendations to competent authorities to amend and supplement legal documents on socio-economic management related to the fields, functions and state management tasks of the Ministry of Finance, especially in the fields of state management and use of public property; management and use of public investment capital; management and use of state budget funds.

Party committees at all levels and heads of units assigned to act as focal points for anti-corruption work should strengthen the detection and timely prevention of corrupt and wasteful acts, expressions of “self-evolution”, and “self-transformation” occurring within the organization.


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