Lang Son Customs implements quality policy in all operations


Chi Ma Customs officers receive procedures of enterprises. Photo: H. Nu
Chi Ma Customs officers receive procedures of enterprises. Photo: H. Nu

Improve quality of business service

Lang Son Customs Department has always been leading administrative reform and customs modernization by effectively implementing the VNACCS/VCIS; launching and operating online public services at level 3.4; actively implementing the National Single Window, the ASEAN Single Window, following the roadmap. Accordingly, 100% of enterprises have participated in carrying out customs procedures online. In addition, Lang Son Customs has constantly researched and found many possible solutions to implement through the IT system and applied IT in operations.

Determining that in 2023, the situation of customs clearance through the Lang Son area is still facing many difficulties. To accompany enterprises, Lang Son Customs has actively promoted administrative reform and trade facilitation, which is considered a key task. In addition to specific criteria related to procedures, documents, and modernization, Lang Son Customs has focused on improving the quality of dialogue, promptly removing difficulties and obstacles for businesses from the beginning of the year.

According to Deputy Director of Lang Son Customs Department Vy Cong Tuong, to provide maximum support to customs declarants and taxpayers, connect and exchange information with ministries and agencies when handling administrative procedures, the unit has always ensured a stable, 24/7 IT system with 100% of customs procedures processed online. In particular, during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the implementation of useful innovative software by Lang Son Customs not only helped customs clearance take place normally, but also showed the efforts of Lang Son Customs to accompany enterprises.

Mr. Vy Cong Tuong said that Lang Son Customs always identifies the business community as a reliable and accompanying partner; therefore, the unit has proactively offered solutions to meet the objectives of increasing the capacity of customs clearance for export goods at border gates, especially Tan Thanh, Huu Nghi and Coc Nam border gates; promoting administrative reform, regularly coordinating with other authorities such as border management centre, border guard, yard operators to create maximum favourable conditions for import and export activities of goods through the border gate in compliance with regulations; promptly guide and answer problems and difficulties for enterprises in the customs clearance.

In addition, Lang Son Customs has regularly exchanged with Chinese Customs to grasp information and situation related to goods management and pandemic prevention to give timely warns to Vietnamese enterprises to be proactive and flexible in import and export activities, help them minimize cost and time loss when carrying out customs clearance activities at the border gate, especially for agricultural export products.

Statistics from Lang Son Customs Department show that, in the first quarter, the unit received processed 29,505 sets of declarations with a turnover of US$ 822,275 million, rising 86.6% year-on-year. Of which, there are 13,451 sets of export declarations, valued at US$394.874 million, up 398.3% year-on-year and 16,054 sets of import declarations, valued at US$427,400 million, rising 18.3% year-on-year.

Therefore, the solutions to facilitate the fast clearance of import and export goods not only accelerate the strong recovery of enterprises but also help the export turnover of goods through Lang Son province in the quarter surge by 398.3% compared to the time when China still applied the “Zero Covid” policy.

Five main goals

To implement a customs reform, development and modernization plan by 2025, Lang Son Customs has determined to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of management, best to meet the requirements of development and international integration, to facilitate import and export, entry and exit activities with five main goals including:

Promoting administrative reform to create favourable conditions for import-export, entry and exit activities for 100% of enterprises carrying out import-export procedures through the area; exceeding the assigned revenue target of VND 6,000 billion; strictly controlling and managing customs areas; promptly and strictly handling 100% of cases of trafficking, trade fraud, and illegal cross-border transportation of goods; ensuring 100% completion of registered key tasks; striving for 100% of public servants and employees to abide by the Party’s guidelines strictly, the State’s laws and policies, and the disciplines of the customs sector.

According to Mr. Vy Cong Tuong, to effectively implement the five goals, Lang Son Customs has developed many solutions to complete the state budget collection and taken measures to increase and combat revenue loss. The department has reviewed revenues, especially large revenues, and supported and attracted businesses with regular trade flows, contributing to large revenues. In addition, proactively assess the impact of international commitments on state budget collection to propose and implement specific solutions.

Furthermore, the unit has developed key plans to effectively prevent smuggling, trade fraud and illegal cross-border transportation of goods; strengthen inspection and supervision of import and export goods; combat against fraud, counterfeiting of origin, labels, infringement of intellectual property; boost internal inspection, online supervision, inspection and review on the customs data system.

Lang Son Customs: Efforts to boost customs clearance Lang Son Customs: Efforts to boost customs clearance

In particular, Lang Son Customs is determined to build a team of civil servants with the slogan “Discipline, integrity, professionalism, creativity, excellent completion of tasks”. To implement the quality policy, Lang Son Customs Department has committed to implementing the goals by practical actions, strictly complying with the “Regulation on public service performance of Vietnam Customs”; building a team of professional Customs officers who have the integrity, qualifications suitable for the job position, master modern technology to meet the requirements of tasks in the new situation.


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