Hanoi Customs diversifies solutions to support businesses and raise revenue


VCN – The state budget collection has not shown many signs of improvement in the first quarter of 2023, requiring Hanoi Customs to offer many solutions to support and accompany businesses to overcome difficulties and strengthen solutions against revenue loss.

Officers of the Customs Branch of North Thang Long Industrial Park inspect goods (Hanoi Customs Department). Photo: N. Linh
Officers of the Customs Branch of North Thang Long Industrial Park inspect goods (Hanoi Customs Department). Photo: N. Linh

As a business carrying out customs procedures at a customs branch under the Hanoi Customs Department, Mr Park Kyung IL – Deputy General Director of Namuga Phu Tho Technology Co., Ltd., said that due to difficulties, administrative reform in the field of customs has helped boost customs clearance activities. We can sit at our head office to declare customs procedures for 100% of the shipment, and the clearance time for Green Channel goods is only 3-5 seconds, and we can submit documents online instead of paper documents as before. With a digital signature, businesses can make online tax payments and use public services on the customs portal.

According to the Hanoi Customs Department assessment, in the first quarter of the year, the unit focused on the main task and achieved good results. For the budget collection, the unit has closely followed the directions of the General Department of Customs, analyzed, evaluated and assigned revenue targets to the branches following the reality. In addition, the unit has regularly supported businesses, created maximum convenience and promptly solved problems for businesses.

Hanoi Customs has reformed and developed the customs-business partnership substantively and continued to maintain and expand cooperation with FDI enterprises, key and core businesses with large tax payments, and cooperated with small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups.

Besides, in the group of solutions on administrative procedure reform and customs modernization, the unit has actively implemented the National Single Window and the ASEAN Single Window; assumed the prime responsibility for, and coordinated with ministries and agencies in, speeding up the construction and implementation of a master project on building and developing an information technology system serving the implementation of the National Single Window and the ASEAN Single Window towards centralized processing.

While implementing the National Single Window, the unit promptly solved problems. For example, through the inspection and monitoring of information declared by airlines on the National Single Window Portal System, Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch found that some airlines have not fully and promptly declared information on the National Single Window Portal following regulations. Inadequate declaration of information by airlines and authorized units by airlines has affected the management process of goods and means of entry and exit of the Customs authority; affected the process of monitoring and customs clearance of goods.

To ensure that the National Single Window Portal system receives all the declared information by airlines, the Noi Bai International Airport Customs Branch has requested airlines and their authorized agencies to review the list of registrations for implementation of the national single window mechanism. If there is a change of information compared to the registered list, it is necessary to update and supplement, review, check and ensure the legality of the information sent to the National Single Window Portal; to check data on cargo, passengers, the crew of flights with the information declared to the National Single Window and make a full additional declaration of flights from January 1, 2023, in case of information shortage.

Not only promptly handling arising problems to facilitate customs clearance of goods, but Hanoi Customs Department has also continued to work with departments, agencies and investors to promote the construction progress of warehouses and inspection locations under the project “Centralized inspection sites for exported and imported goods to meet the requirements of modern customs management of the Hanoi Customs Department”. Furthermore, the department has regularly reviewed, promptly detected and prevented acts of smuggling, and trade fraud through prices, codes, tax rates, quantity to prevent revenue loss from customs post-clearance audits and specialized inspections; stepped up activities of collecting and analyzing information to identify signs of violations and risks.

Tại các chi cục hải quan dù chưa có sự tăng trưởng đồng đều nhưng ở một số đơn vị có nhiều tín hiệu tích cực. Chẳng hạn, tại Chi cục Hải quan Hòa Lạc, tháng 3 (tính từ 15/2 đến 15/3) thu ngân sách nhà nước có tăng đáng kế so với tháng trước, tăng 75,6%. Các mặt hàng nhập khẩu chủ yếu là nguyên liệu phục vụ sản xuất hàng gia công, sản xuất xuất khẩu.

Motivated by many solutions to accompany businesses, the first quarter report showed that the number of declarations made at the units of the Hanoi Customs Department had a slight increase of 0.4% year-on-year to 259,000 declarations; total import and export turnover through Hanoi Customs grew 2.3% year-on-year to US$ 11.35 billion.

Hanoi Customs collects more than VND80 billion from PCA Hanoi Customs collects more than VND80 billion from PCA

Regarding the results of state budget revenue, in the first quarter, Hanoi Customs earned more than VND 5,500 billion (equivalent to 16.6% of the estimate and 76.51% of the same period in 2022). Although there has not been a consistent growth in customs branches, there are many positive signals in some customs branches. For example, at Hoa Lac Customs Branch, in March (from February 15 to March 15), state budget revenue rose significantly compared to the previous month, up 75.6%. Imported goods were mainly raw materials for export production and processing.

By Ngoc Linh/ Huyen Trang


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