Huu Nghi Customs works through noon to improve clearance capacity


VCN – Currently, the volume of goods cleared during the day at the border gates of Lang Son province is recorded to increase sharply because it is at the beginning of the agricultural harvest season in the southern provinces. To ensure the management and facilitate enterprises and improve clearance capacity, Huu Nghi Customs has arranged for officials and employees to work from 7 am to 10 pm to handle customs procedures for enterprises.

According to the People’s Committee of Lang Son province, from the beginning of March until now, the number of vehicles transporting agricultural products and fresh fruits to border gates in Lang Son province has tended to increase. At peak times, there are nearly 1,000 trucks transporting goods (mainly agricultural products and fresh fruits) waiting at the border gate for clearance; meanwhile, the capacity can only meet half of this number. In addition, it is worth mentioning that many trucks are cleared for the first time, so the procedure takes longer than usual.

Talking to reporters, a representative of Huu Nghi Customs Branch (Lang Son Customs Department) said that exported goods through Huu Nghi international border gate were mainly durian, jackfruit, dragon fruit, chili, and passion fruit. The statistics showed that, as of April 4, Huu Nghi Customs has received and processed 12,402 sets of customs declarations with a turnover of over US$574 million.

The unit has also handled procedures for 50,498 turns of vehicles transporting import and export goods; fee collection reached over VND 82 billion following Resolution 01/2019/NQ-HDND. As of April 4, Huu Nghi Customs collected and paid over VND940 billion to the state budget.

Huu Nghi Customs arranged customs officers to receive and handle procedure for enterprises. Photo: H.Nụ
Huu Nghi Customs arranged customs officers to receive and handle procedures for enterprises. Photo: H.Nụ

It is forecasted that from now to June and July, there will be many kinds of fruit in the North, and the South is in the harvest season. Therefore, to contribute to improving clearance capacity and reducing the risk of vehicle congestion at the border gate, Huu Nghi Customs has proactively arranged for customs officers to work from 7 am to 10 pm every day without having lunchtime to handle administrative procedures as well as provide services to support import and export activities for enterprises and customs declarants.

Huu Nghi Customs also widely informed organizations and individuals that operate import-export activities to actively capture information about goods at the border gate to have the plan to bring goods to the border gate to complete procedures to avoid prolonged time and avoid increased time and arising unnecessary costs.

Furthermore, Huu Nghi Customs also recommends individuals, organizations, and enterprises make a declaration for import and export goods in advance and strengthen the connection with Chinese partners to improve the efficiency of clearance during the day.

In addition, Huu Nghi Customs has also coordinated with businesses operating and exploiting yards to arrange human resources, vehicles, equipment and machinery to deliver and receive goods at any time of the day for enterprises having import and export goods.

Huu Nghi Customs is actively coordinating with relevant departments, agencies, and competent forces of Lang Son province and has also actively enhanced talks and exchanges information with the corresponding agencies of Guangxi (China) to unify solutions for facilitating clearance of import and export goods through border gates in the province.

According to the Dong Dang – Lang Son border gate economic zone authority, the Industry and Trade Department of Lang Son has also requested associations to notify enterprises and owners of the goods to grasp information quickly, have the plan to reduce the number of trucks brought to border gates for carrying out procedures.

In parallel with the recommendations, departments, branches and competent forces are currently consolidating inter-sector working groups to solve and remove obstacles at border gates to receive information and feedback from enterprises and quickly solve problems arising at the border gate.

By Nụ Bùi/Thanh Thuy


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