Quang Tri Customs sets out theme of work performance Reform Discipline – Professionalism


VCN – Quang Tri Customs Department has set out the theme of work performance “Reform – Discipline- Professionalism”, aiming to create a transparent and open business environment, cut time and cost for businesses, and contribute to socio-economic development in the locality.

Quang Tri Customs sets out theme of work performance “Reform - Discipline – Professionalism”
Cua Viet Seaport Customs Branch (Quang Tri Customs Department) held Customs-Business Dialogue Conference.

Customs reform and modernization are key task

La Lay international border gate is an important intersection connecting Northeast Thailand and Southern Laos with Vietnam’s central region across Cua Viet, My Thuy, Chan May seaports on a corridor parallel to the East-West Economic Corridor (EWEC)-the shortest way to the East Sea.

Motivated by these advantages, La Lay International Border Gate has an important position in boosting the development of My Thuy deep-water seaport and the socio-economic growth of the whole province.

In 2022, Quang Tri Customs Department put La Lay Checkpoint into operation, improving the capacity of customs clearance of goods across this border gate and opening up prospects for local socio-economic development in the following years.

In 2023, Quang Tri Customs Department determined that the infrastructure completion of the La Lay International Border Gate is the key task. Accordingly, the Department has reported to the local government on shortcomings and problems in the implementation of the project and coordinated with the Economic Zone Management Board to complete the Project at La Lay Checkpoint.

In the early year, Quang Tri Customs Department established a working team to expedite infrastructure completion in the La Lay International Border gate area. In the first quarter of 2023, the group has actively implemented programs and plans and coordinated with related parties to achieve the set progress and goals.

The local government has directed Economic Zone Management Board to hand over the site soon to help the contractor promptly execute Phase 2 of the La Lay Checkpoint project. In addition, the working team has advised and promoted infrastructure projects of La Lay International Border Gate.

In addition, the Department has proposed the General Department to upgrade the vehicle management system to improve the capacity of customs management, creating favourable conditions for trade, investment and tourism activities across Quang Tri province.

Currently, about 500-1000 vehicles must be processed exit and entry procedures per day while the system is designed for less than 100 vehicles per day, causing difficulties for customs officers in performing duties. Therefore, the Department has set up a working team to upgrade the system and proposed the General Department to conduct a survey and analysis of the actual status in Quang Tri province to serve as a practical basis for upgrading this system.

In February, the working team of the General Department of Vietnam Customs surveyed at the Department and reported to the leader for approval of upgrading the system to meet management requirements and reduce time and cost for enterprises.

Currently, the Department has completed the schedule; the official operation of the new system depends on departments under the General Department of Vietnam Customs; the working team will collaborate with departments to complete and put the system into operation.

Building professional officer contingent

In the context that the number of an officer does not increase and decrease due to retirement while the workload rises, posing challenges to the Customs sector and the Department. Notably, the smuggling and illegal transportation across the area is more complex. Therefore, developing professional human resources and mastering technology and modern technical equipment to help the Department achieve the task is an indispensable requirement.

The subordinate units of the Department have made plans for internal training and training programs that closely follow the practical needs of each unit and are taught by the leaders of units, thereby training professional officers. The development of qualified officers also satisfies the overall goal of the professional and modern Vietnam Customs, on par with the Customs of developed countries, and leading in implementing Digital Government with a Smart Customs model.

The internal training at Quang Tri Customs is also considered an important preparation step, renewing the awareness and thinking of officers in self-improvement to meet the task requirements in the new period. This is also an effective solution to resolve difficulties related to human resources.

In the first quarter, the Department organized a training course on designing skills and implemented an internal training program for leaders of teams and division. Some officers directly trained topics at the department level to improve their training skills, thereby helping officers effectively apply to the work and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the customs management. At the same time, improving professionalism in performing duties, renewing thinking and attitude to serve people and businesses towards the satisfaction of people and customers.

Quang Tri Customs Department has carefully prepared and clearly planned the key task. As a result, the Department is determined to accomplish political tasks in 2023.

By Hogn Ngoc/Ngoc Loan


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