Lang Son Customs Diversifying solutions initiatives services to support businesses


Tan Thanh Customs officers handle procedures on vehice management software. Photo: H.Nu
Tan Thanh Customs officers handle procedures on vehice management software. Photo: H.Nu

Enhancing the role of IT

According to Deputy Director of Lang Son Customs Department Nguyen Anh Tai, to effectively implement information technology (IT) solutions to provide maximum support for customs declarants and taxpayers, connect and exchange information with ministries and agencies in handling administrative procedures, Lang Son Customs has always ensured operation 24/7 of IT systems with 100% of customs procedures processed online. In particular, during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the department launched useful software, ensuring customs clearance of import and export goods and showing the efforts of Lang Son Customs in accompanying businesses.

Tan Thanh border gate, located in Lang Son province, has a large volume of goods, with 80% of goods being agricultural products and fresh fruits of Vietnam exported to China. To facilitate the export of agricultural products during the Covid-19 pandemic, Tan Thanh Customs Branch has developed application programs to solve problems promptly for the business community, including the initiative “vehicle management software” which is being applied effectively at the branch. This software not only helps to reduce the workload but also helps to strictly manage and make the most of the media data sources already in the system, simplify processes for vehicle registration, reduce errors and speed up customs clearance.

According to Deputy Captain of the Supervision Team of Tan Thanh Customs Branch, Vu Tri Thuc – developer of the vehicle management software, after implementing and upgrading from March 15, 2021, the software has been used stably, meeting the requirements of strict management of goods, entry and exit vehicles and meeting the regulations on coordination with other authorities at the border gate area.

The software has been designed and built with full of functions such as vehicle registration in the monitoring area; confirmation of vehicles entering and leaving the yard, border gate area, immigration; confirmation of that the vehicle has completed loading and unloading and completed customs procedures; registration of import and export declarations; searching of location, status, goods. The software has been stalled in all machines, and all customs officers have been guided for implementation; businesses all understand the process of the software and work effectively with Customs officers when required.

That is just one of many IT solutions that Lang Son Customs has implemented effectively, creating favourable conditions not only for Customs but also for businesses, shippers, drivers and other relevant authorities at the border gate.

In addition, Lang Son Customs is actively implementing the overall redesign of the IT system to meet the professional requirements towards Digital Customs, such as: Setting up functions on the E-Customs system, maintaining an online briefing system, working with the Department of Information and Communications to pilot the digital border gate platform at Huu Nghi international border gate and Tan Thanh border gate; applying online public services in receiving and handling administrative procedures for businesses and customs declarants.

Listening to businesses to improve management efficiency

To facilitate and accompany businesses to develop business, production, import and export through border gates in Lang Son province, from the beginning of the year, Lang Son Customs Department has actively organized dialogue conferences with the business community at each border-gate customs unit. At conferences, businesses highly appreciate the support and flexibility in deploying many IT applications to remove difficulties and obstacles, create favourable conditions, shorten the time, and minimize costs for businesses in carrying out import and export procedures of goods through border gates.

A Lam Duyen Import-Export Trading Co., Ltd representative assessed that the support of Lang Son Customs for the operation of the company is very remarkable.

All problems arising have been quickly solved, guided by Lang Son Customs. The application of solutions, software and services to facilitate customs clearance and reduce time costs for businesses shows the determination, efforts and accompanying of the customs with businesses.

However, Lam Duyen Import-Export Trading Co., Ltd. said that the infrastructure facilities and services at the Tan Thanh border gate are still limited and not commensurate with the potential and the strong economic development.

Regarding the support of the Customs for import-export activities, a representative of Vietnam Machinery Investment and Development Joint Stock Company said before the Covid-19 pandemic carrying out import procedures for the shipment, it takes a lot of time and money for businesses to bring the shipment to the factory. However, due to many objective reasons from the pandemic, causing costs and time in the customs clearance process, thanks to support by automated IT systems, online declaration and guidance of the Customs authority, customs clearance costs have been minimized, helping to improve competitiveness for businesses.

Through discussions with representatives of enterprises engaged in import-export activities through Lang Son province, the reporter of Customs Newspaper found that most businesses are satisfied with the service quality of the Customs, and up to 99% of them support the promotion of IT application in the customs clearance and administrative procedures related to importing and export of goods.

To accelerate administrative reform and business support, Lang Son Customs has been actively reviewing legal documents on customs procedures and management to detect inappropriate, overlapping regulations and propose amendments and supplements. At the same time, Lang Son Customs has been encouraging branches and civil servants to research and propose strong IT applications, equipment and customs management methods in handling administrative procedures to ensure strict customs management at all customs operations.


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