Import and export turnover across Cao Bang prospers but still exists difficulties


Import and export turnover across Cao Bang prospers but still exists difficulties

The volume of automobiles carried out customs procedures at Ta Lung Border Gate Customs Branch is on a downward trend, affecting the revenue results of revenue collection of the department and branch. Photo: T.B

Import and export turnover increases by three digits

In the first quarter, the number of enterprises that carried out customs procedures at Cao Bang Customs Department decreased by 15% year-on-year to 109 enterprises. On the other hand, the import and export turnover saw a year-on-year increase of 60% to US$ 69.5 million.

The export turnover recorded strong growth at 3 digits, reaching 35.2%, up 214%. The main export items with high growth rates include seafood, vegetables, cashew nuts, coffee, pepper, cassava and cassava products.

The increase in export turnover across Cao Bang Customs Department in the first quarter due to the delay in import and export activities, especially Vietnam exports for prevention of Covid-19 pandemic by the Chinese Government in the same period in 2022.

Contrary to the positive growth of exports, import turnover increased by 7% to US$34.3 million. The main import items saw plunge in turnover, such as vegetables and fruits; coal; machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts; and cars.

Director of Cao Bang Customs Department, Le Viet Phong, said that although three was prosperity in the first quarter, the import and export activities across the area did not show stable and suitable growth. Because the turnover was still lower than the previous time. The import and export activities mainly occur in Ta Lung International Border Gate. The import and export activities at the sub-border gates of Po Peo and Ly Van have not yet resumed.

Cao Bang province’s import and export activities were almost frozen in the first quarter of 2022. However, the turnover in the first quarter of 2023 saw growth.

Statistics from Cao Bang Customs show that the export turnover of some items only reached from one to several million US$ but rose by tens or even thousands of percentage points compared with 2022.

Specifically, the export turnover of vegetables and fruits increased by 93% to US$7.93 million; cassava and cassava products rose by 156% to US$2.54 million; cashew nuts increased by 444% to US$7.45 million; fishery products went up 917% to US$ 4.76 million; pepper increased by 2,087% to US$ 1.15 million; coffee increased by 2,577% to US$2.4 million.

Notably, although the trade in goods recorded high growth compared with the previous year, the turnover in the first quarter of 2023 did not reach 9% of the total trade on 2022. The export and import turnover reached 19.55% and 5.4%, respectively.

“With the current turnover, if there is no sudden change, the April turnover may decrease. The import of this item in this month of the year surged but the import in the first months fell. Director Le Viet Phong said.

Revenue only reaches 15%

Regarding revenue collection, Director Le Viet Phong said that Cao Bang Customs Department is assigned a revenue target of VND 1,070 billion in 2023 by the Ministry of Finance and VND 1,225 billion by the local Government.

The department has assigned the revenue target to its customs branches.

The department has issued a plan on revenue collection and assessment on monthly revenue collection; implemented Directive 479/CT-TCHQ dated February 6, 2023 of the General Department of Vietnam Customs on the comprehensive and drastic execution of measures to facilitate trade and improve the effectiveness of state management, and prevention of revenue loss in performing revenue collection in 2023″; promulgated the plan No. 300/KH-HQCB dated March 6, 2023 of Cao Bang Customs Department implementing Directive 479/CT-TCHQ; strengthened the value management and classification of goods.

As of March 15, the department’s revenue increased by 15% to VND189.72 billion. The revenue was mainly from items such as: automobiles, garment fabrics, coke, peeled wood planks, lead ingots, machinery and equipment.

Director of Cao Bang Customs Department said the revenue collection in the year’s remaining months faced challenges. Because the revenue from imported cars accounted for over 90% of the department’s total revenue, however, the volume of this item in the first months of the years plunged, only a few dozen cars imported per month.

To complete the revenue collection task and other goals, Cao Bang Customs Department will effectively implement documents on state management of customs and tax fields in the second quarter and soon of the year. Implement solutions on revenue and tax debt collection in 2023. Supervise import and export goods and means of transport following the law, and conduct well scheme on e-tax payment 24/7.

The department will also closely control import and export activities and prevent offences and trade frauds by organizations and individuals. Improve the efficiency of risk management and post-clearance audit; update performance results on the risk management system. Fully follow directions on anti-smuggling and coordinate with other units to enhance the work.


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