Customs seizes 20 drug related offences


VCN – In the first quarter of 2023, the Customs sector has tackled many cases of transnational drug trafficking and transportation, the General Department of Vietnam Customs released on April 3.

Lao Cai Customs handled 152 customs offencesLao Cai Customs handled 152 customs offences
Customs detected and handled notable offences in AugustCustoms detected and handled notable offences in August
Customs seizes 20 drug-related offences
Drugs are hidden inside toothpaste tubes to transport from Europe to Vietnam

The General Department of Vietnam Customs, the transportation of drugs via airway has tended to surge in the number of cases and volume of infringing goods.

Smugglers have used many methods and tricks to transport drugs, such as concealing drugs as normal checked baggage and goods and carrying goods as personal effects.

The trafficking and illegal transportation of synthetic drugs via air tend to increase at Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), especially flights from the United States and countries of the Union Europe.

In the first quarter, the Customs sector presided over and coordinated with the Police and Border Guard forces to detect and arrest 38 cases with 55 suspects. Notably, the Customs authority há arrested 20 cases.

The seized infringing goods included 30.4 kg of heroin; 4.5 kg of cannabis; 72.7 kg of ketamine; 11kg of cocaine; 11.3 kg of methamphetamine; 221.8 kg of MDMA (ecstasy); 3.1 kg and 7,500 tablets of other drugs.

By Thai Binh/Ngoc Loan


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