State Treasury promotes digital convenience and facilitates customers


VCN – The State Treasury has added features of the online public service program to improve the quality of customer service as well as control payments and strictly manage the State budget.

State Treasury promotes digital convenience and facilitates customers
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Creating the most favorable conditions for budget users

The State Treasury development strategy to 2030 sets the goal of building a digital Treasury agency. Accordingly, processing online all transactions on State budget revenues and expenditures via the State Treasury; linking digital data of estimating, allocating, complying, accounting, auditing and finalizing the State budget; sharing information and data of state budget revenues and expenditures in real-time. The State Treasury is the focal point and controls the payment of State expenditures.

Digital data in the process of state budget expenditure management is linked, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

It is not difficult for the State Treasury to achieve the goal. Because currently, the State Treasury has provided 100% administrative procedures at level 4, reaching 100% of budget users (except for the security and defense sectors) participating in online public services.

Most of the state budget revenues and expenditures are processed online via the State Treasury and paid via banks; some search functions have been integrated via mobile applications. Notably, 90% of budget-using units have installed a risk warning application on mobile devices to promptly check account balances and results of processing documents on the online public service system of the State Treasury to prevent risks and ensure transparency.

At the end of 2021, the State Treasury system officially launched the Treasury and Budget Management Information System (TABMIS); implemented a public service system for control of State expenditures via the State Treasury and public service system for checking and confirming account balances of units.

Recently, the State Treasury system has implemented some other programs. For example, the program on applying the investment expenditure control system via the State Treasury to control and allocate capital for projects. The program has the function of receiving documents and records from online public services and integrating application software of transaction units into online public services to shorten the time for units.

By improving the utility of online public services, the State Treasury aims to meet the demand for transaction units and provide better services.

Continue to upgrade system

To accomplish the State Treasury Development Strategy to 2030, the State Treasury has directed the local State Treasuries to strengthen control expenditures and improve customer service quality in payment transactions of the system. The local units must control state budget expenditures and comply with regulations on the delivery and receipt of documents via online public services.

Notably, to promote all benefits of online public services and implement digital treasury, local State Treasuries propose the State Treasury to complete the interface design under the needs of the user; add notices and operations for each public service.

In addition, it is necessary to upgrade the performance so that the budget user can send a large file on online public services; add the feature to choose the processing time for records; allow investment projects that are managed by multiple investors and agencies to register for online public services.

According to the proposal of the local Treasury units, the online public service system should have a function of receiving and approving documents in chronological order, a function of selecting and processing simple documents with short deadlines first, and handling complicated documents later.

The addition of the function to look up and check account balances as soon as the tellers receive and process documents and control the advance balance of each subsection is also necessary. This helps to reduce manual performance and reduce work pressure at peak times for officers.

Online public services also need to add control features from the stage of transaction unit’s document entry to reduce errors before sending to the treasury and save time in controlling records and revising records of treasury officers and staff of budget-using units.

By Thuy Linh/Hoang Loan


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