Ensure 100 records of export shipments that require traceability of seafood origin


Seafood processing at Camimex Company. Photo: H.T
Seafood processing at Camimex Company. Photo: H.T

Mining management and sustainable development

The objective of the Plan is to synchronously, effectively and efficiently implement the legal provisions on fisheries; overcome the shortcomings and limitations according to the recommendations of the European Commission (EC) on combating IUU fishing, and remove the “Yellow card” warning in 2023.

Unify awareness, action and participation of the whole political system in IUU fishing prevention and control. Heads of party committees, party organizations and administrations at all levels of relevant departments, ministries, branches and localities directly lead, direct and take responsibility for IUU fishing prevention and control is a political, priority, urgent task, focusing resources for implementation, determined to remove the “yellow card” warning.

Management of exploitation and sustainable development of the fisheries sector for the benefit of the people and the country; raise the international position, image and responsibility of Vietnam in the implementation of international commitments and treaties in the protection of the marine environment and sustainable marine ecosystems; contribute to ensuring national defense and security, sovereignty over seas and islands of the country.

Inspect and control 100% of fishing vessels entering and leaving the wharf

To achieve the above goal, the Plan sets out tasks for relevant ministries, branches and localities from now to May 2023 to review the entire number of local fishing boats, completing 100% of the registration, registration, marking of fishing vessels, issuance of fishing licenses, and installation of fishing vessel monitoring system (VMS) according to regulations.

Inspect and control 100% of fishing vessels entering and exiting at sea border posts/stations; inspect and control fishing vessels entering and leaving the fishing port in accordance with regulations to ensure that the VMS equipment operates continuously 24/7 hours from the time the fishing vessel leaves the port to the time it arrives at the port; 24/7 monitoring and surveillance of all fishing vessels operating at sea through a fishing vessel monitoring system.

At the same time, develop a regulation on coordination between localities to control provincial fishing vessels operating in areas outside the province, fishing vessels of other provinces docked for certification but certified in another province. Develop mechanisms and policies to support fishing vessel owners to purchase and install VMS equipment and satellite subscription fees to maintain VMS equipment operation. Expeditiously establish a local Fisheries Control under the provisions of the Fisheries Law 2017 and the Law on Organization of Local Governments according to the province’s authority.

Carry out certification, certification and traceability of caught seafood according to the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, ensuring 100% of records of shipments exported to the European market (EU) and other countries that require traceability of exploited aquatic products.

Review the points where fishing vessels docked and unloaded fishery products (fishing docks, fishing ports, etc.) to organize the monitoring and traceability of 100% of the catches and unloading in the locality; ensuring that 100% of fishing vessels with a length of 15m or more must dock at the designated port; controlling 100% of caught fishery products imported from abroad in full compliance with the provisions of the Agreement on Port State Measures; have solutions to strictly control fishery products imported into Vietnam by container ships.

Stop illegal fishing vessels

The plan sets out the task from now until May 2023, to stop fishing vessels from illegally fishing in foreign waters; investigate and handle cases of Vietnamese fishing vessels being arrested by foreign countries, and handle and sanction 100% of cases of illegal fishing in foreign waters and information on mass media.

Opening peak patrols, inspections and controls with coordination between authorities and strictly penalize 100% of IUU fishing acts according to regulations; verifying and handling 100% of fishing vessels that do not maintain the connection of cruise monitoring equipment as prescribed.

Inspect, examine and strictly handle designated fishing ports, cruise monitoring equipment suppliers, businesses and related organizations and individuals on the implementation of the task of combating IUU fishing.

Regarding long-term tasks and solutions, concerned ministries, branches and localities shall implement programs, schemes and master plans on sustainable development of the fisheries sector approved by the Prime Minister; change fisheries, and create sustainable livelihoods for coastal fishing communities.

Formulate mechanisms and policies for debt freezing and loan rescheduling for owners of lawful fishing vessels that cannot afford to repay debts; develop training programs, and improve skills; guide the management of fishery labor in accordance with domestic and international labor laws; develop a plan and promote negotiations on delimitation of the overlapping and undefined sea area between Vietnam and countries such as China, Malaysia and other relevant neighboring countries.

Implement international cooperation activities on fisheries, IUU fishing prevention and control, and fisheries cooperation between Vietnam and regional and international fisheries organizations and countries; fully implement Vietnam’s obligations and commitments to the International Fisheries Agreements and Conventions to which Vietnam is a member or a signatory to prevent and eliminate IUU fishing and information communication activities disseminate, and provide legal training on IUU in the country and in international forums.


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