Bac Ninh Customs resolves difficulties for enterprises


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Bac Ninh Customs resolves difficulties for enterprises
The working session. Photo: Q.H

The working team of Bac Ninh Customs Department includes Director Tran Duc Hung, Deputy Director Duong Minh Duc and representatives of Bac Ninh Customs Branch, Bac Giang Industrial Park Customs branch, Technical Division and Post Clearance Audit Customs branch.

Deputy General Director of Foxconn Group in Vietnam Chau Nghia Van and heads of the group’s departments.

Currently, the customs control areas under Bac Ninh Customs Department consist of three provinces: Bac Ninh, Bac Giang and Thai Nguyen, with about 31 industrial parks and an area of over 12,000 hectares.

According to the plan of three provinces, the number and scale of industrial parks will continue to increase in the near future. The number of enterprises surges, so the volume of import and export goods also increases, which pose requirements as well as pressure on customs control, meeting the management requirements according to regulations while facilitating international trade.

At the working session, the leader of Bac Ninh Customs Department recognized and highly appreciated the achievement of Foxconn Group in recent years, contributing to local economic and social development.

“Besides the implementation of the goal of improving the qualification of officers, enhancing equipment and facilities, IT infrastructure, promoting reform and modernization, Bac Ninh Customs Department considers building and developing the Customs-Business partnership and related parties as an important factor in creating consensus in the business community to complete the assigned political tasks,” Mr. Tran Duc Hung, Director of the Department, said.

To strengthen the partnership and support businesses, every year, Bac Ninh Customs and its branches organize business dialogues. This is a forum for Customs authorities to directly speak with businesses, listen to the difficulties, problems and recommendations of the business community in management.

On the other hand, the department has also coordinated with the Industrial Park Management Boards of Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Thai Nguyen to sign the Regulation on coordination to improve the efficiency of state management in the area, to support the business community in investment and export and import activities. In addition, the department also focused on promoting the reform of administrative procedures, customs development and modernization.

Bac Ninh Customs resolves difficulties for enterprises
The working team of Bac Ninh Customs Department takes photos with representatives of Foxconn group. Photo: Q.H

At the working session, members of the working team of Bac Ninh Customs Department understood and resolved difficulties for the group. For the group’s recommendations and proposals related to import-export management policies, the Department will recognize and remove problems within its competence. At the same time, the department will report to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the Ministry of Finance and competent authorities for proposals beyond their authority to promptly assist the group.

Deputy General Director Chau Nghia Van said that in 2022, the Group achieved a growth rate of over 40% compared to 2021. This result is supported by Bac Ninh Customs Department. In the near future, the import and export department of the Group will continue to coordinate with the Customs to update information.

Mr. Chau Nghia Van hopes that, motivated by the efforts of the Group’s businesses and the support from Bac Ninh Customs Department, the Group will gain the set targets in 2023.

Earlier, on February 15, Bac Ninh Customs Department’s working team worked with Samsung Group’s businesses.

In 2022, the total import-export turnover in the area under the management of Bac Ninh Customs Department reached USD176.6 billion (equivalent to 108% compared to 2021), which made the department the leading customs department in import-export turnover in the country.

The department’s revenue recorded VND 12,472 billion, exceeding 16% of the assigned target, and 5% of the ambitious target.


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