Customs sector fosters reform creativity and makes strong breakthroughs in administrative reform


VCN – The General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) has issued Resolution No. 131/NQ-CP of the Government to promote reform of administrative procedures and modernize performance methods to serve people and businesses.

Customs sector fosters reform, creativity and makes strong breakthroughs in administrative reform

Online public services of the Customs sector is an effective tool to support enterprises.

Fostering reform and creativity

Accordingly, the Customs sector continues to strongly implement customs reform and modernization, foster creativity and make great efforts.

With the view of promoting the spirit of initiative and creativity, eliminating group and individual interests; mobilizing all resources, and developing the whole Customs sector, and business community, the GDVC sets a goal that the Customs reform must closely follow with reality.

Online public services of the Customs sector is an effective tool to support enterprises.

Customs has focused on modernizing the administration to ensure accuracy and timelessness, and an effective support tool for competent authorities at all levels in issuing decisions, especially quick and timely policy responses. In addition, promote decentralization and reduce intermediate stages, simplify internal administrative procedures and shorten processing procedures.

Strictly comply with administrative discipline. Specify responsibility and uphold the role of the leader; make great efforts in public service performance; improve the partnership between state administrative agencies and people and businesses.

The country’s top customs regulator has requested subordinate units to focus on cutting procedures related to business activities and enhancing national competitiveness. In addition, improve performance and administration.

Setting target of processing 100 procedures online

The General Department of Vietnam Customs requires its subordinate units to review and propose plans to streamline procedures related to business activities; fully update and announce regulations related to business activities, review results, compliance cost, and plans on reduction of procedures; consult organizations and individuals affected by regulations and policies; gather and report results of handling problems and proposals of organizations and individuals, and publicize on the Business Regulations Consultancy and Lookup Portal.

Perform strict transparency in receiving and handling administrative procedures, ensuring that 100% of procedures are processed in a timely fashion, are monitored on the Single Window system of the Ministry of Finance and connected with National Public Service Portal for people and businesses to supervise the performance.

Complete the standardization of administrative procedure settlement results on the National Database of Administrative Procedures, serving as a basis for determining the code of papers, connecting, sharing and using uniformly nationwide.

Complete the development of internal and e-processes in processing administrative procedures to ensure that data of 100% of procedures are stored on the Ministry of Finance’s Portal; promote the implementation of online public service and e-payment, including restructuring the operational processes or perfect the online public service and connect to the National Public Service for administrative procedures with a people-centric approach.

Propose competent agencies to reduce charges to encourage people and businesses; to review, standardize and use online declaration forms with 20% reduction in information criteria based on digitalized data.

Implement digitalization to all officers in charge of receiving and processing administrative procedures; 100% results of applications are processed online. People shall not be required to submit paper documents or results which have been digitalized.

By Nu Bui/Ngoc Loan


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