Ha Nam Ninh Customs supporting businesses since the beginning of the year


Ninh Binh Customs Branch sends civil servants to the headquarters of enterprises to guide and grasp problems. Photo: H.Nu
Ninh Binh Customs Branch sends civil servants to the headquarters of enterprises to guide and grasp problems. Photo: H.Nu

Boost connection

In 2022, Ha Nam Ninh Customs received 1,775 enterprises carrying out customs procedures in its management area, an increase of 3.4% compared to 2021 with a total import-export value of over USD 22.8 billion, a 12.6% increase over the same period.

High growth turnover has helped Ha Nam Ninh Customs’ revenue collection achieve encouraging results. In 2022, the whole Department of State budget collection and payment reached over VND 7,386 billion, equal to 113.63% of the assigned target and equal to 110.4% of the striving target.

To achieve the above results, Ha Nam Ninh Customs has prioritized solutions on administrative reform, trade facilitation, and actively connecting with businesses. In which, Ha Nam Ninh Customs has accelerated the implementation of administrative procedure reform; implement solutions to reduce customs clearance time.

Every year, the unit organizes a Customs – Enterprise dialogue conference in the area of three provinces (Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, Ha Nam) with the goal of propagating and disseminating new regulations, policies and laws to improve compliance and help customs declarants understand and comply with the law; promptly answer problems for businesses at the conference, etc.

At the same time, strengthening the implementation of import-export procedures through the electronic customs system, appointing staff to be on duty outside of office hours and holidays to serve the working activities of import and export procedures of enterprises.

Not only actively connecting with businesses, Ha Nam Ninh Customs also actively arranges officers to be on duty and provide support when businesses have problems related to transmission lines or the declaration process.

Ms. Doi Thi Thuy, representative of YoungOne Nam Dinh Co., Ltd. said that as a foreign enterprise investing and doing business in Vietnam, it still has many limitations in accessing policies and legal regulations. Knowing those difficulties of enterprises, Ha Nam Ninh Customs in general and Nam Dinh Customs, in particular, have sent civil servants to help enterprises fully grasp the regulations, policies and laws, understand and solve internal difficulties when implementing the procedures.

Continue to work with businesses to create momentum for development

Mr. Pham Hong Thanh, Director of Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department, said that, with the goal of accompanying enterprises to create a stronger development momentum in 2023, from the beginning of the year, the unit has immediately started to develop and implement plans to complete the assigned tasks.

In particular, the unit focuses on administrative reform towards modernity, openness and transparency; contributing to improving the business environment and enhancing national competitiveness. Decisively implementing solutions, striving to complete the task of collecting state budget with the assigned estimate of VND 6,900 billion.

To achieve the above results, the unit has set out many solutions, in which the group of trade facilitation solutions will be the top priority of the unit. Ha Nam Ninh Customs will accelerate the implementation of administrative procedure reform; implement solutions to reduce customs clearance time, apply international standards, modern customs management processes to create favorable conditions for enterprises but still ensuring strict customs supervision and management in accordance with the law.

Simultaneously, the unit will review and evaluate professional processes and tax management procedures in the direction of simplification and synchronization with customs procedures as the basis for digitizing tax management processes, meeting the requirements of automation at a high level, said Mr. Pham Hong Thanh.

Specifically, Mr. Trinh Ngoc Hieu, Head of the Operations Department, Ha Nam Ninh Customs Department, said that in 2023, Ha Nam Ninh Customs also drastically implements a group of solutions to prevent revenue loss including close management of professional stages before, during and after customs clearance to ensure correct and full collection of state budget.

In particular, focusing on strengthening the review, inspection, and instructions for enterprises to strictly comply with regulations on declaring goods names, codes and values for items with high tax rates and large turnover of regular imports; combined with the assessment of the compliance of enterprises, focusing on enterprises that declare low prices, have detected violations to promptly detect cases of incorrect declaration of codes, declaration of disguised goods names or declare unclear goods names to be applied low tax rates.

Reviewing and grasping the tax debt situation of enterprises at affiliated units; classifying groups of receivable debts, and uncollectible debts, each group of debts has a detailed assessment according to each declaration and enterprise.

As the unit assigned the highest revenue estimate in 2023 in the whole Department with the figure of VND 4,330 billion, Mr. Le Thanh Hai, Director of Ninh Binh Customs Branch, said the unit is urgently building and deploying solutions to promote customs clearance of goods through the management area. In particular, upholding the motto “accompanying enterprises to overcome difficulties”, the unit will actively send officials to directly guide enterprises to declare customs procedures, promptly handle problems, and not let enterprises suffer any more costs during the process.

In addition, the Sub-Department will also coordinate with the State Treasury and commercial banks to agree on solutions for information exchange, investment in electronic payment infrastructure, support for tax collection management, and favorable conditions for businesses to diversify and flexibly provide electronic payment services during tax payment to the state budget.

Especially, the unit will also actively work with enterprises with large import-export turnover and large budget revenues through their management areas to grasp difficulties, exchange information, promptly take solutions to overcome difficulties for enterprises, and at the same time grasp the expected tax amount to be paid in the year of each specific enterprise.


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